Man Wearing ‘Trust Me’ T-Shirt Arrested for Alleged Car Theft

Police say a man wearing an ironic t-shirt was busted for several law-breaking offenses.

Man arrested in Trust Me t-shirt
Fairfax County, Virginia Police via Twitter

A man wearing a "Trust Me" t-shirt and an accomplice were arrested for allegedly stealing a car in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The owner of the stolen Honda Civic says she was warming up her car last Saturday morning and left it unlocked before returning to find it was gone, according to TheWashington Post.

The suspects were busted during a traffic stop shortly after the owner of the Civic reported the alleged theft to police.

Inside the recovered car, officers also located altered and forged checks. Police charged 23-year-old Wilmer Lara Garcia (the t-shirt guy) with auto theft and two counts of forgery. 

Police also charged 24-year-old Orlen Nunez with auto theft in the case.