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Check Out This Ferrari F355 Challenge Car For Sale

It might be the most affordable Ferrari race car you can buy.

While the FXX K Evo track-only hypercar might be out of your price range, you can still buy your very own Ferrari race car thanks to Bring a Trailer.

There’s a 1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in California right now with a current bid of $80,355, and it looks pretty hardcore. It has about 32,000 miles on it, most of which were on the track–– it participated in the 1997 Challenge Series, finishing 15th overall. The car’s full track attendance is detailed in the documented racing history included with the purchase.

This F355 was just recently repainted, sporting new but period-correct racing livery, yellow wheels, and a fresh coat of Rosso Corsa red.  Like the Ferrari FXX K we mentioned earlier, the F355 isn’t street legal due to the lack of headlights and catalytic converters.

It’s been updated with new safety equipment like FIA-compliant racing bucket seats, upgraded F40 brakes, Sabelt harnesses, OMP roll cage, and removable side bars. The previous owner upgraded the instrument cluster with a new tachometer featuring a shift light, oil pressure warning light, and water temperature gauge. The exhaust system can also be adjusted depending on track noise restrictions.

Ferrari built the F355 Challenge in 1995 to fill the need for a new car to compete in the Ferrari Challenge one-make championship. The Challenge was basically a $30,000 kit fitted to the F355 Berlinetta that included a number of racing-specific modifications. All 108 units retain the F355’s 3.5-liter V8 and 6-speed manual transmission (save for one with a Formula 1 gearbox). 

BaT claims this example is one of just 43 made during 1995, and it’s the closest thing you can buy to a Ferrari track car without being part of Ferrari’s elite club.