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Check out This Vintage Corvette B Production Race Car for Sale

What once started life as a classy Stingray convertible is now a hardcore IMSA-ready race car.

In our ongoing quest to find the coolest race cars for sale, we’ve come across this beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Corvette B Production racer on Bring a Trailer that will definitely satiate Stingray fans. It has participated in numerous Sports Car Club of America and IMSA events, and now it’s for sale in Canada.

This car started life as a C2 Corvette convertible, the first generation that Chevy gave the iconic “Stingray” name to. At the end of the 1960s, it was rebuilt by B&B Corvettes for use in B Production-class events and participated in events like the Camel GT and Sears Point (now Sonoma Raceway) Grand Prix.

The Corvette B Production racer features new fiberglass bodywork painted in Milano Maroon red. The bumpers and headlights have been taken off, and a full roll cage, fender mirrors, and wheel flares have been added. It sits an inch lower thanks to racing springs and rides on 15-inch wheels fitted with stainless disc brakes and wrapped in Goodyear racing slick tires.

Bring a Trailer

A rebuilt 327-cubic-inch V8 provides power to this Corvette, and it’s been upgraded with forged pistons, new cylinder heads, and other goodies to help the Stingray make more power reliably. The C2’s four-speed transmission has been replaced as well to accommodate the added performance. Its exhaust has also been tampered with and it sounds quite good.

The Corvette’s barren cockpit lends to its hardcore race car appeal. The most luxurious part of the interior is its vintage steering wheel, but a racing wheel is also included with the purchase. Its single Kirky racing seat means there’s space for just one person in the cabin, but the roll bars and numerous track instruments take up most of the room anyway. 

This is a true track car for a serious Corvette enthusiast, and no it isn’t street-legal.