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This 1,100 HP Corvette is Naturally Aspirated and Revs to 9,200 RPM

Oh yeah, and it set a half-mile record at 194.21 miles per hour.

If you stick around the internet long enough, you can grow jaded to triple-turbo setups and massive boost from forced induction engines. Hell, even those outrageous power figures that everyone claims can become drab after you’ve read through enough of ’em. But one thing that stands out amidst this crowd of spool-this and blow-that is the occasional gem that is enormous, naturally aspirated speed.

This C5 Chevrolet Corvette, driven by Eddie Blackwell, is the antithesis of typical tuner ideology. When the engine was shipped to Vengeance Racing in Cumming, Georgia, they opted out of the easy way and challenged themselves to build a gargantuan 451-cubic inch lump to replace the standard V8. In result, the quest was completed with this 7.4-liter Chevy LSx engine that fits the bill with Mast Motorsports Mozez canted valve cylinder heads, dual throttle bodies, and a ProEFI Pro128 fuel management system.

In order to reach that lofty peak of 1,100 horsepower, the Corvette was heavily reworked to include a 9,200 RPM rev limiter and more. Now that it’s fed plenty of go-go juice and can turn air and fuel into power, it can make use of its RPS carbon clutch, PPG sequential transmission, and RPM Transmission differential to translate that grunt to speed. 

The final product is a lightweight, cowl-hooded, slick-tire wearing brute that can complete the half-mile at a speed of 194.21 miles per hour—a naturally aspirated LS engine record. To see (and hear) all of the aforementioned mods at full tilt, check out the video below and maybe consider building something similar for yourself … if you hate having money, that is.