This Ford Dealership Will Give You New Car Tech Lessons at Your House

Can’t figure out how to use any of your new Ford’s features? Help is on the way.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Nov 13, 2017 5:27 PM
This Ford Dealership Will Give You New Car Tech Lessons at Your House

Here's a first-world problem: You've just bought a new car filled to the brim with state-of-the-art technology, and you have no clue how to use it. Skippy at the dealership gave you a five-minute tour and helped you pair your phone to Apple CarPlay, but you were too excited about your new purchase that you weren't paying attention, or got lost at "connect your smartphone to USB." Your kids might know immediately how to do all of that, but what happens when you drop them off at school and you can't figure out how to set your GPS to the nearest Starbucks?

Ford wants to bring attention to a dealership in Phoenix, Arizona that's cracked the code to end this misery. Don Sanderson Ford has deployed the Start Team, a four-person task force that will come to customers' houses when requested to give new owners comprehensive lessons on how to use all of the new tech in Ford's vehicles. 

If our customers are willing to drive to us to purchase a new Ford, we’ll drive to them to help them enjoy it more,” said Max Sirstins, Don Sanderson’s marketing director. This is a much better solution than the rushed, five-minute crash course in the arsenal of features dealers subject us to while they're pushing us out the door, before buyer's remorse sets in. 

The Phoenix dealership says buyers are hesitant to sift through the massive owner's manuals cars come with nowadays. It's not only the textbook-length manuals though, car technology is getting much more vast, a chunk of which isn't even touched. Ford cites a J.D. Power study that found that at least 20 percent of car features aren't used, mainly because most dealers can't be bothered to explain how to use those obscurities.

Furthermore, AAA found that most infotainment systems are becoming more and more unintuitive and cluttered, resulting in more distracted driving and thus more crashes.

A few other Ford dealerships in other states are employing similar practices, and we hope it extends to other brands and ends new-car frustrations once and for all.