Take a Step Inside the Crazy World of eBay Exotic Car Luggage and Owners Manuals

Cars take up too much room, the real money per square inch is made elsewhere.

We at The Drive are big fans of hunting for interesting things on eBay. I personally have covered two recent unique eBay finds in articles from the realm of Movie/TV cars. A Off-Road-Ready Bentley Continental GT from the television series Supercar Megabuild seen on National Geographic UK and one of the Subaru WRX stunt cars from the future cult classic Baby Driver. If you were to hit up eBay right now and search we are sure you could find some unique cars worth a bid, but there are some items more rare than the car in the automotive world – car luggage and car owners manuals.

eBay | wwwatd-sportscarscom

As of this article, one of the highest priced pieces of automotive luggage is a luggage set for the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The price? A “Buy It Now” listing at $12,895.00. Suppose you want a matching golf bag for your GTC4Lusso, good news is they offer that as well, the bad news is it will run you $16,980.00 for just a Ferrari golf bag. If you are a fan of the prancing horse but the GTC4Lusso is too new a model for your style, why not purchase one piece of Ferrari F40 branded luggage it will run you $4,500.00. Need more than luggage? Why not collect the Ferrari F40’s owners manual for $7499.00 with original warranty card included. If money is no option you can even buy a Ferrari Enzo key for $5000.00.

eBay | 911ava

Maybe you are not a Ferrari person. Porsche Carrera GT’s go for $600,000 plus on eBay, but the original Carrera GT seven piece luggage set can be found for only $15,775.00. As with your Ferrari’s you need the Carrera GT’s owners manual, so say good bye to $2,999.99. Anyone can buy luggage and an owners manual, you need to go deeper to get that “no one has it” item. The Porsche Carrera GT Workshop Service Repair Manual Set might help on that front. Good news is it is currently 45% off for $3,299.45.

Speaking of luggage, did you know someone is selling the patent to an integrated child car seat with luggage for $21,000,000? Weird stuff.

I could get lost searching for all these rare eBay items for any car manufacturer and the listings show some of you do already. There are people already watching these rare item listings with no intent to buy just to watch. Excuse me while I waste some more time……maybe one day I can find the McLaren F1’s Owner’s Manual