Bugatti to Start Developing the Chiron Successor in 2019

Bugatti’s next hypercar is just 6 years away from production.

byChris Constantine| UPDATED Sep 18, 2017 11:41 AM
Bugatti to Start Developing the Chiron Successor in 2019

The Bugatti Chiron might be the newest king of the hypercars, but its reign is about to be cut short. New for 2016, the Chiron is still in its infancy, but it has already set production car records and collectors are officially in love. Although Bugatti plans to build 500 Chirons (50 more than the Veyron), the car's production run will only last another 6 years according to Road & Track. This is troubling news, considering Bugatti kept the Veyron alive for 10 years, but we'll never complain about a new hypercar. Thankfully, Bugatti's CEO spilled the beans to journalists at Frankfurt, giving us more information about the next face of supercars. 

Wolfgang Durheimer told R&T that the Bugatti will go back to the drawing board next year, and will start developing the next model in 2019. Bugatti's production numbers are relatively low, having sold 300 out of 500 Chirons; Durheimer says that with 70 cars produced a year, it will take another 4 years for everyone on the waiting list to get their car, and then Bugatti can hit the books on the new model. 

Durheimer hinted earlier this year that the next Bugatti might be a hybrid, but the boss man isn't so sure now. During the press meeting, he stated that "It's not decided yet, but we have interesting alternatives." Whatever Bugatti is planning, the CEO promises that it will continue to push the boundaries of performance. 

As for cost, Durheimer said that the new hypercar's price will reflect its performance, so don't expect an affordable Bugatti anytime soon.