5 Top Gear Hosts We’d Like to See

Matt LeBlanc is an interesting pick, but what about Nick Offerman and Joe Biden?

byMax Prince| UPDATED Jun 5, 2019 1:30 PM
5 Top Gear Hosts We’d Like to See

Top Gear will soon be rebooted, led by motoring journalist andvintage car collector Chris Evans. Now the BBC has announced the first of his sidekicks: Matt LeBlanc, the American actor, of Friends. Yes, Joey Tribbiani will be the first American presenter on Top Gear in 39 years. Erstwhile Formula 1 pro David Coulthard is also tipped to join the cast, despite no credits on an American sitcom. 

In defense of the man best known for looking sideways at women and murmuring, "How you doin'?," Matt LeBlanc does hold the fastest celebrity lap time around the old Top Gear test track. And, according to industry rumors, he's an affable and hard-working actor. He has great hair, and a high profile internationally. 

We'll make no predictions about LeBlanc's success, beyond saying that the presenter job requires a certain kind of off-the-cut, unglamorous persona that an actor might have trouble landing. Rumored additions like internet favorite Chris Harris and Nurburgring queen Sabine Schmidt would bring some necessary driving chops and granular, petrol-head knowledge to the series. Our greasy fingers remain crossed. 

Former Top Gear presenters have questioned LeBlanc's automotive authority. That all seems dismissive and silly and kind of alarmist. You want some alternatives? Here, have five.

Nick Offerman

In hismost recent appearance, the man sits by a fireplace and sips whiskey in total silence for 45 minutes. Episodes would inevitably end with Offerman disapproving of all the soulless, plastic motorized crap and building his own car from wood.

Billy Mays

We’re picturing some kind of Weekend at Bernie’s scenario here. The man, all cleaned up, rocking a denim work shirt with the Top Gear logo emblazoned on the breast pocket, speaking, as only he can, IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. The garage would always be spotless.

Joe Biden

It’d just be reviews of the1981 Pontiac Trans Am. And we’d watch every episode.

Jennifer Lawrence

Genuine star power, but on one condition: She must remain in character, as Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, always. That whole sadistic fight-to-the-death thing would bring a whole new element to comparison tests. Also, the entertainment value of Biden referring to her as “that girl from the hungry games” during all his Trans Am reviews.

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