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Neo-Nazis Break Into Top Gear Test Track, Cause $129,000 in Damage to Aircraft

The thugs broke into multiple of the airfield's landmark aircraft, wrecking their interiors and painting swastikas all over.

Multiple aircraft have been damaged at the Dunsfold Aerodrome, site of the test track and production offices for the BBC show Top Gear, after Nazis recently burglarized the facility.

The Dunsfold Aerodrome is best-known for being the site of the Top Gear test track, where several mothballed aircraft such as a Boeing 747 and Vickers VC10 have become landmarks to the show’s fans. The Sun reports that these among other aircraft were damaged during a break-in by an antisemitic group, which caused approximately £100,000 GBP ($129,000 USD) in damages.

The group of individuals forced entry into the aforementioned aircraft, where they ripped up seats, pulled ceiling panels down, smashed windows, and disfigured the cockpits in the historic aircraft. These thugs left a calling card: swastikas, antisemitic graffiti, and assorted swear words spray-painted in the cabins.

“The cockpits were smashed up and graffiti was sprayed on the inside of the planes—swastikas, Nazi symbols and swear words,” a source reportedly told The Sun. “The management aren’t best pleased.”

Neither of the retired airliners are airworthy, but the damage has ensured that any attempt to bring them back to operational condition will be more expensive than it was previously.

“It was absolute mayhem—a mindless binge of wanton violence. The thinking is they were after the parts to sell on. None of the aircraft are in a fit state to fly, but the parts could easily go for scrap.”

Top Gear‘s production offices were reportedly not targeted during the burglary, and remain intact. Filming for a new season with new hosts continued as scheduled on January 10, though with an increased level of security around the entire airfield.

The Drive contacted the owners of the Dunsfold Aerodrome for additional information on the break-in, and we will update when we receive a response.