Friends Matt LeBlanc is the New Top Gear Host

Matt LeBlanc. Yes, seriously, the guy from Friends.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Feb 4, 2016 12:41 PM
Friends Matt LeBlanc is the New Top Gear Host

The BBC has announced the newest presenter of the rebooted Top Gear. It is not, as speculated, German racing driver Sabine Schmitz. Nor is it viral car review hero Chris Harris. It is, instead, Matt LeBlanc. Yes, that Matt LeBlanc. Like, the guy from Friends.

Well. There’s a curveball.

The surprise announcement comes just three months before the show returns to BBC Two in May. LeBlanc, 48, is the first non-British host of Top Gear in the program’s nearly four-decade-long run. Also: the only one from the cast of Friends.

In fairness, LeBlanc does have some credentials. He’s responsible for the fastest-ever Star in a Reasonably Priced Car lap—a 1 minute, 42 second rip—back in 2012. Last year, he presented Top Gear: The Races, a standalone spin-off for the BBC’s digital download service. So he’s a better choice than Matthew Perry. We guess. Welcome to the Post-Clarkson Era. Hopefully they’re not leaning on him to be “The Funny One.”

Matt freakin’ LeBlanc, guys. Jeez.