Mercedes-AMG Is Working On a 430-HP Inline Six, Report Says

The German tuner is returning to its glory days.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Aug 8, 2017 4:02 PM
Mercedes-AMG Is Working On a 430-HP Inline Six, Report Says

Mercedes-Benz's newfound revival of the inline-six engine has drawn enthusiasts back to the premium brand. It's historic use of the powerplant brought about some of the best German performance models to date, and with Daimler announcing it will be using the I-6 once again, the brand is returning to its roots. Now, good news comes out of Stuttgart—AMG seems to be working on a radical 430 horsepower variant of the fabled engine, according to Automotive News.

The non-AMG version of this engine will reportedly debut in the E53 and CLS53, with the performance-focused six cylinder coming in the form of AMG 53 models. The E-Class coupe and convertible will also be getting the engine, replacing the 4.0-liter V8 engine that currently stands in the luxury line.

This new 430 horsepower engine will feature forced induction via an electric turbocharger with a 48-volt "mild hybrid" system. This advance in technology will allow the torque and power of the aforementioned V8 with the smooth operation of the inline six.

Mercedes-Benz first used the new inline engine in the S-Class overseas, though we will not be getting that same model here in the States. Instead, models like the S450 will be powered by the familiar 3.0L turbo V6.

Regardless of specifics, this new introduction of inline-six engines should reinvigorate the MB product line with an added sense of luxury and refinement. While the marque had formerly tried to artificially instate this feeling with tweaked cabin amenities and so on, this basic engine development could do more for the brand than anything in the past few years.