This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Matt Farah ‘One Take’ Spoof Video Is Good Fun

No canyon carving in this clip.

byJustin Hughes| UPDATED Aug 8, 2017 2:28 PM
This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Matt Farah ‘One Take’ Spoof Video Is Good Fun

Matt Farah's One Take videos are a staple of the online automotive community. He reviews a wide variety cars, mainly enthusiast builds, in a unique unedited style that cuts nothing except pauses while waiting for traffic to clear. He is also the latest victim of a Car Bros spoof.

After a shill for Car Bros vitamin supplements, Craig Jenkins of "The Busted Rubber" hops in the driver's seat of his friend's Dodge Demon Hellcat Challenger - or so he says, despite his friend's unsuccessful attempts to correct him. Jenkins learns how to use a clutch, then takes the Challenger for a less spirited but certainly no less interesting drive than Farah's videos. Rather than bombing the canyons, Jenkins attacks the Taco Bell drive through and attempts to eat nachos while driving. He gets distracted by his cell phone, then takes a side trip to see his ex-wife, leaving his unfortunate friend in the car while they fight as the cameras keep rolling. 

To relax from the altercation, Jenkins cracks open a 40-ounce Cobra to chug as the "review" continues. They pick up a random hitchhiker on his way to Tulsa, and over the car owner's objections begin a trip to Tulsa. Jenkins nearly mows down a man pushing a baby stroller, who calls the police. The review goes even further downhill from there.

Everything about this video, from the camera angles to Jenkins' imitation of Farah's mannerisms, is perfect. In fact, it's a textbook demonstration of everything you shouldn't do during a car review. As entertaining as this is, we hope Matt Farah sticks to his existing One Take format.