The Daily Ripoff: Buy One Oil Change At Triple The Price, Get Two Free (Plus Fees)

A Kia dealership in Georgia has embraced a new service concept. Charge your customers triple the market price, then pretend you're giving two-thirds of it free of charge.

Lou Sobh Kia in Forsyth County, Georgia, has just figured out a new marketing gimmick for those customers who are bad at math. 

Buy one oil change for the "Holy Cow! Are you kidding me?", low if they were Zimbabwean dollars price of $69.95 before tax, shop supplies, and 'applicable fees', and get the next two free. 

In defense of those employees who weren't involved in making this into the dumbest oil change promotion in Deliverancre country an opportunity to bring in new customers, this oil change works out to a price that's only around 20% more expensive than what the local Firestone down the street would charge me. 

If you're still a DIY top of the guy, you could also opt for some healthy rebates (here, here, and here) and grab a few oil filters, air filters, and wipers from Rockauto. This would work out to roughly a quarter of Lou Sobh Kia's next special, $119.95 for an air filter, oil change, cabin air filter, and wipers along with a cursory inspection. You do get that inspection for free though, but the shop supplies and applicable fees still apply.