Honda Builds ‘Minnie Van’ for Disney D23 Expo

Honda has created the “happiest car on Earth.”

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Jul 13, 2017 4:25 PM
Honda Builds ‘Minnie Van’ for Disney D23 Expo

Advertising campaigns are getting stranger and stranger as fewer people are excited about new cars, especially the younger generation. Rapping Hamsters might have been the answer a few years ago, but fairytales are the hottest topic for commercials now. Problem is, this subject is bordering on Disney's territory, the king of magical fiction. Now Disney is donning its crown and partnering with Honda to debut its own advertising campaign and taking back its rightful place on the fairytale throne. 

Honda announced Thursday that it has created a custom "Minnie Van" out of a 2018 Honda Odyssey. No, that wasn't a typo, this unique minivan is designed to look like Minnie Mouse. The Odyssey gets a custom pink wrap with white polka-dots, a staple of Minnie's style. It also gets Minnie's huge ears and signature pink polka-dot bow, making the car less than ideal for trips to Disneyland and its maze of multi-story parking lots. The one-off Minnie Van isn't for sale anyway, but fans will get a chance to get up close to it this weekend. 

Minnie's ride will be on display at the Disney D23 Expo in Los Angeles from July 14 to 16, specifically at the "Minnie's Style: The Fashion House of Minnie Mouse" booth. Fans can pay to have their picture taken with the van at this station as well as view a whole line of clothes worn by the celebrity mouse.

This event will also give Disney devotees a chance to sign up for the "Disney Unlock the Magic Sweepstakes," presented by Honda. The winner of the contest will win a 2018 Honda Odyssey and a trip to the Disneyland Resorts in both Anaheim and Orlando. Unfortunately, you'll have to add your own Disney accessories to this Odyssey.