Toyota Ad Campaign Recruits Fairytales and Youtube Stars for the C-HR

Toyota’s new ad goes a bit overboard with its compact crossover.

byChris Constantine|
Toyota Ad Campaign Recruits Fairytales and Youtube Stars for the C-HR

Some car ad campaigns offer insight into a brand and millions of hits on YouTube, while others miss the mark completely and spawn hilarious parodies (and millions of hits on Youtube). Toyota is hoping for a hit roads with its whimsical (and risky) new advertising campaign themed around fairytale-land. The series of ads will promote Toyota's brand new C-HR, which will complete Toyota's sports car lineup alongside the GT86 and Supra—if that car is ever coming out of course. Still, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Toyota is doing everything it can to shed the "boring" reputation that it acquired over the past decade or so. The hip new ad campaign for the C-HR takes the form of Youtube shorts and tv spots, which are themed around modern interpretations of classic children's stories. "Rapunzel", "The Tortoise and the Hare", "Little Red Riding Hood", and many others are reimagined and brought to life in the films, although the main characters have all been swapped out for crossovers

Toyota has also recruited the talents of  Youtube sensation Bad Lip Reading to make comedic interpretations of all of Toyota's new videos. The company hopes that BLR's versions will get even more people talking about the stylish new subcompact SUV.

Below is the entire collection of new videos Toyota released, so you don't need to catch one on TV to see one of these bizarre advertisements.