Golden Globes: Charlize Theron Was Robbed. Here’s Why

Today the nominations were announced, and our favorite battle-axe was forgotten.

byBen Keeshin|
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The hard truth is out today. With the announcement of the Golden Globe nominees, Mad Max: Fury Road star Charlize Theron was left off the list. Despite the actress’s universally lauded performance as the tough-as-nails, buzz-cut, rig-driving Furiosa, the notoriously whimsical Hollywood Foreign Press Association did not single Theron out for praise. Instead, the HFPA, giver of the Globes, recognized Mad Max: Fury Road—more like Furiosa Road, am I right?—in the Best Motion Picture, Drama, category, plus the film’s director, George Miller. Of course the movie is Miller’s; how can you gush over a beautiful cake but ignore its South African cake topper?

Charlize Theron behind the wheel of the War Rig is the best automotive image of 2015.

To most people, Theron made the movie. Her plot line, a stolen War Rig meant to deliver her and a group of gorgeous models safe and healthy to the Green Place, a lush oasis barely remembered from her childhood, provided the movie’s main thrust, as well as its most beautiful and thrilling scenes. What other actress could fight Tom Hardy with only one arm? Shoot flawlessly out of the sunroof of a skull-adorned tractor trailer… on fire? Intersperse moments of screaming intensity with scenes of quiet reflection?

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Even in a year that saw the release of Furious 7, Charlize Theron behind the wheel of the War Rig is the best automotive image of 2015. Though the bastardized, post-apocalyptic rides from Mad Max, a spiked ‘39 Plymouth, an armored ‘75 Corvette, an amalgamation of two ‘59 Cadillac Eldorados, are rough and cobbled together, they have a soul that the shiny, chrome playthings from Furious 7 zoom around without. The Golden Globe nominees are in, and though nothing is decided by popular vote, know this: If you love all things greasy and mechanical, Mad Max: Fury Road is your movie, and Charlize Theron, 2015’s baddest heroine, is your candidate. Let the HFPA know.

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