Photographer Uses a Volvo XC60’s Cameras for Photos, Promote Safety

Who needs a DSLR when you have a luxury car?

byChris Constantine|
Volvo News photo

Trying to get into car photography takes a lot of time, talent, patience, and money. With more social media websites like Instagram getting popular, lots more people have attempted to commit to the art of getting the perfect car shot. To stay on top, professional photographers have to innovate, although there aren't that many new ideas in this industry. However, a former photographer for the LA Times has found a unique solution. 

Barbara Davidson has a lot of experience under her belt, including 3 Pulitzer Prizes and an Emmy Award. While most people tend to take pictures of cars with a camera, most cars now have the technology to take photos themselves, so why not use one as a mobile picture-taker?

Volvo Cars shared Barbara's current method of photography, where she used the brand-new Volvo XC60's safety cameras in place of her real camera to film photographs in Copenhagen. Davidson's 30 picture collection was first displayed at the Canvas Studios Gallery in London.

Her decision to partner with Volvo for this event stems from personal experiences with the brand, which according to her saved her life. This collection promotes safety overall, showing that creating an effective safety system in a car is its own art form. 

This commission drives home Volvo's dream, which it has firmly reiterated many times this year. "Our vision is to reach a point in time where no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car," says Volvo VP Malin Ekholm. The company says that its emergency braking system has nearly cut vehicle collisions in Sweden in half since its launch.