This MK2 Ford Escort Cosworth Racer Is Wicked

Oh, sweet induction noise.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Ford News photo

The MK2 Escort Cosworth was Ford's pride and joy that never made it to America. Despite everyone thinking the Mustang was their best performance car of the time, the small Cozzie was a nimble machine that could dance through rallies, road races, and hillclimbs with tart discipline—much to the pleasure of racers worldwide. It acted at the will of the driver, and it's for that reason that people still use them in motorsport today. This example is fitted with enough aero equipment to drive upside down, through a tunnel, and upstream, while still keeping its composure. The way it sucks to the B-road is almost as enjoyable as the sound it puts out, and I don't think I can get enough of it.

Undoubtedly, the engine is the star of this car. Tuned by Cosworth, the 2.0L N/A lump features individual throttle bodies that give the Ford a special sound reminiscent of classic racing. Paired with the lightweight framework of the Escort, it launches it around happily, especially high in the rev range. Whereas you normally listen for a stellar exhaust note, the sound that these trumpet ITBs make is the best part of the audio experience.

This clip is just a taste of how versatile the Escort is. It provided Ford with an all-around player that could beat out the Europeans, something that we Americans particularly enjoy. 

Watch as the Cosworth articulates through the Italian countryside.