Fearless Dirt Biker Rides Back to Base After Being Impaled By a Branch

Two skin grafts and a "sh*t load of stitches later" and he is good as new.

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Let’s start off by acknowledging the Internet would be a better place if all videos took place in Australia. The nation’s general calmness under pressure makes every video bizarre and really entertaining. Now that we have made that clear, the video below shows a group of dirt bike riders enjoying a stroll through the woods when one riders fails to safely clear a branch. Part of the branch goes straight through his shin in a gnarly turn of events.

Most likely riding high on adrenaline and fear, the rider agrees to having the branch pulled from his leg and they begin devising a plan to seek medical attention. First off, don’t ever blindly pull an object that caused a puncture wound out of someone. You have no idea what damage it has done or if it has clipped an artery (in this case it did). Still, the rider seems unfazed by the trailside surgery and at one point the injured rider throws his hands up in the air as if he is saying “whatever dudes,” and they proceed back to their campsite.

An injury report is displayed at the end of the video, and it is brutal to say the least. The injured rider spent 11 days in the hospital where he received an arterial repair, two skin grafts, had two massive splinters removed from his calf, and “a shit load of stitches.”