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Watch These Beautiful Rally Cars Crash Into a Ditch One by One

A Lancia Rally 037 and a Renault 5 Turbo rally car slide clean off the road.

Three vintage rally cars at a French tarmac event last weekend were captured sliding the course—and oh man, is it hard to watch. 

According to the YouTube video’s description, these incidents occurred at last weekend’s Rallye de Venasque 2017. In the nearly 13-minute-long video, we see a handful of rally cars attacking some French country roads. In the clip, most of the cars and their drivers appear to be successful with their rally intentions, but at least three cars that saw slightly different outcomes during the event. 

In a shorter clip that was cut together from the video by the folks at Rallye Magazin, we see a single corner claim three different rally cars. Fortunately for the drivers of those cars, most of the damage appears to be somewhat light, but considering how incredible these cars—most notably a Lancia Rally 037 and what looks to be a Renault 5 Turbo—are, any damage strikes us directly to the heart. 

It appears that the corner where these cars crashed was covered in gravel or some other loose material that caused them to slide off into a ditch. On a tarmac rally, if you’re not expecting a gravel patch, it could be severely problematic—as we see here.

It’s unclear if those cars were replicas or the real thing—but either way, what a damn shame.