Watch This Dodge Viper Wreck Leaving Cars & Coffee

Yes, we’re sure it’s not a Mustang this time.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Dodge News photo

Wrecking your car while going for a flashy exit from a car meet is a time-honored tradition, so on the one hand it's heartening to see the driver of this third-gen Dodge Viper sacrifice his ride so we might all gather round and watch an incredibly cringe-worthy video. On the other hand, wow, it has got to sting to not only destroy your car after spending the morning proudly showing it off but also demonstrate to everyone just how large the horsepower-to-skill ratio really is. Who knows though, maybe his tire pressure was off a little bit. I hear that's all it takes.

This all went down after a Cars & Coffee meet in Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday morning. Video of the accident popped up on Reddit courtesy of a bystander's Instagram account, and it starts off with the white convertible Viper flying down the right side of a divided four-lane thruway. Trouble is apparent immediately - the driver looks and sounds like he's trying to recover from some earlier high-revving antics, but the car spins left as it rockets past a group of spectators and smashes into some small trees in the median, actually catching some air in the process.

That same Instagram account also has a small album of pictures showing the damage to both the car and the trees up close. The entire front and rear passenger side fenders are destroyed, the suspension and at least one axle are likely ruined, and the trees gave their lives to stop the Viper from spinning into oncoming traffic. Hard to say if it's totaled - it certainly doesn't look good, but at least the engine sounded OK as it ran in the aftermath of the crash. Still, that's likely a small consolation to a man who just ruined his ride and his dignity.

So the moral of the story is you don't need to be driving a Mustang to crash at a car meet. And you might want to think twice about where you stand near the exit.