Man Makes Amazing Commercial to Sell His Fiancée's 1996 Honda Accord for $499

I don't care if it may die at any moment, shut up and take my money.


Unless you are a tuner or a 16 year-old from the 90's a 1996 Honda Accord Coupe doesn't exactly scream out to you, but gosh darnit do I want one now. After watching arguably the best used car commercial ever, I can proudly say I want to own the featured 1996 Honda Accord.

Featuring beautiful dash close-ups, driving characteristics and coastal highways, the 1:11 minute video has everything a modern car commercial has. Plus, you get an added bonus of drone shots and an unsettling number of rubber ducks. Getting into the details of the car, the 1996 Honda Accord in question has 141,095 miles on it is and is going for $499.00. Not a bad price for 2.2-liter four-cylinder making 145 horsepower (at the time of purchase). Now the real question is, who is this mysterious boyfriend and was the engagement (read the fine print) a result of this magnificent commercial.

If you feel so inclined to place a bid, just click here.

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