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Learn Everything You Wanted to Know About Legend Rhys Millen

Hoonigan's behind the scenes chat with the Pikes Peak legend.

Rhys Millen is a legend in the driving world. He has over 20 years of racing experience from Formula Drift to Global Rallycross to Time Attack, but is probably most known for his record breaking times on Pikes Peak. For Hoonigan’s “A BREW WITH” series in their most recent episode they featured Millen. Hoonigan’s A BREW WITH (previously A BEER WITH, changed because not everyone drinks) series highlights people in car culture, you can see drivers to celebrities in the car world in episodes. People from well known automotive photographer Larry Chen to driver Tommy Kendall to /DRIVE on NBC Sports host Matt Farah have been featured so far and now it was Millen’s turn.

The professional stunt driving race car driver cracks a beer and goes into his driving history such as he entered his first motorsport race at the age of 19, two years after moving to the United States. He is asked some of his automotive superlatives such as what his first car and his first race car were, a 1980 Toyota pickup and a 2.2 Miata MX-6 Rallycar respectively. 

He is also asked what is dream car is, a Porsche Carerra GT, which he was fortunate to drive and this starts his discussion on his stunt driving career. He drove the Carerra GT for the film Redline which he describes as a “Really Bad, Bad Movie”. The film Redline is famous for crashing and totaling a production Carerra GT as part of filming owned by one of the producers of the film as well as actor Eddie Griffin crashing a Ferrari Enzo at a track press event. Millen goes into describing a few more stunt driving jobs. He drove the General Lee in The Dukes of Hazzard as well as stunt driving in multiple Fast and Furious films. In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, he doubled for Lucas Black, then in Fast & Furious as well as Fast Five, he doubled as Paul Walker. Finally, in Furious 7 he doubled as both Paul Walker and Jason Statham. 

In the video, Millen describes his best driving experiences, his worst driving experiences, as well as interactions with other drivers. It is a great behind the scenes look at the Pikes Peak record holder.