Dash Cam Footage Shows Driver Narrowly Escaping a Roadblock Robbery in Russia

High on the list of scary situations for a driver to encounter.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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The latest hair-raising dash cam footage to come out of Russia highlights a scary scenario—coming face-to-face with armed criminals blocking the road way out in the middle of nowhere. What are your options?

Uploaded to the popular RoadCams YouTube channel, this video shows a man and his female passenger driving along a rutted, muddy road along the edge of the field somewhere in rural Russia on July 30th. They're forced to a stop by a UAZ 452 van parked diagonally across the path, and a man holding a bat walks menacingly towards the driver's side window. The pair try to drive away, but the robber jumps in front of the car and waves the bat again.

While a second robber grabs another bat from the van and runs towards the scene, the driver begins backing away. The first robber grabs at the car and appears to try to open the hood when the car comes to a stop again, but he quickly gives up and moves around to the passenger side. With the path clear for a few seconds, the driver floors it and manages to escape and squeeze past the van.

Some of you will probably watch this and scream at the driver to just hit the gas right away and run the crooks over; that's fair, but we also understand their caution. In that muddy environment, a low-traction launch would more likely send them up onto the hood and into the windshield. The driver's actions allowed them to escape with their car unscathed. Also, the robbers seem pretty hapless. The video description notes that local authorities are investigating the incident.