Watch What Happens When Two Gearheads Get Married

Every car enthusiast’s dream just became a reality for these two love birds.

byChris Constantine|
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What do you look for in a soulmate? Besides physical and personality traits, common interests are often high on the list of things people want in their perfect partner, at least according to eHarmony. While everyone has different hobbies and we must respect our significant other's difference in tastes, we all secretly want them to like the same stuff we do. Admit it, you'd probably like it better if your significant other liked the same television shows and movies you did or took up your favorite hobbies. Gearheads have been trying to get their love interests into cars for generations, but most of the time it's just a pipe dream. However, sometimes the stars align and your romantic partner has some oil in his or her veins, as showcased in this wedding video like no other.

Rotary engine-worshipping Youtube channel  Rotors Magazine released a video yesterday about two motorheads turned spouses who got married in the best way possible. Justin and Tiffany Kelly are racing instructors at a small track and have the pleasure of driving fully custom race cars for a living. The bride daily drives a Honda S2000 AP2, while the groom uses his turbocharged Scion FR-S as a dedicated track car.

The couple's big day starts out at their track, featuring a small car meet for them and their friends, including some romantic donuts, open hoods, and car talk. The procession then heads out for a race to the ceremony location- unfortunately, there isn't time for a canyon run before the wedding starts. The car footage disappears about 2 minutes in, which leaves us wanting to see more from this hi-octane day. 

Now the question is, will the honeymoon take place in Monaco, Modena, or Tokyo?

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