Drifting At 130mph Is a Beautiful Dance With Death

Please excuse the cameraman while he changes his boxers.

130 mp Drifting

It's an old video, but so what? It's Friday, it's cold in NYC, and frankly, we need some cheering up. For perspective, we turn to this drifting video. In this tantalizingly short clip, two drifters enter a turn at speeds worthy of some drag strips. Two cars—a Scion FR-S and a Mazda—are traveling, according to the YouTube poster, at 130 mph. As the first one kisses the grass and the backdraft sucks the distance indicator out of the ground and carries it past in a gust of automotive furry.

After about the tenth time watching this video, you will enter a meditative state. Embrace this tranquility, practice your Ujjayi breathing, and just drift away.