Let This Tokyo Car Meet Video Fulfil All Your JDM Wants and Desires

GT-Rs, Supras, AE86s, Miatas, STIs, Evos–you name it.

byAaron Brown|
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A massive car meet held in a Tokyo parking lot in January was shut down early by police, but before its premature conclusion, one vlogger got in and recorded a tour showing just how impressive this gathering was. 

The video, uploaded to the Noriyaro Youtube channel Friday, shows a vlogger named Alexi at two car events surrounding the Tokyo Auto Salon. The video starts with Alexi at a post-auto show track day at Nikko Circuit and then skips to a car meet that happened a few days prior. Both events look like they could make any JDM lover's dreams come true, but there's something about a car meet that has to get shut down by police that seems pretty badass. 

The car meet Alexi attends is held at night in a Tokyo parking lot. It was apparently so packed that the vlogger himself couldn't even make it anywhere near the garage with his car, so the tour we see in the video is completely on foot. 

Once he gets inside the parking lot, you basically see every Japanese sports car you might imagine would be at an event like this. Drift-beaten 180SXs, stanced-out Evos, R34 GT-Rs—whatever. Basically, it's exactly like that garage meet scene from Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, just lacking the song "Tokyo Drift" by the Teriyaki Boyz

It's amazing. And the track day portion of the video isn't half bad either.

Check out the video below. And yes, you'll want to watch the whole thing.

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