Watch Police Helplessly Chase a Runaway Tractor Trailer Until it Crashes

There was little that the cops could do.

byAaron Brown|
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Being trapped in an unstoppable truck with a trailer in tow is something straight out of a classic nightmare. In fact, it reminds us of some Fast and the Furious Hollywood stunts more than anything else. But for one trucker in Mexico, that became a reality. 

Handheld video from the Mexican Federal Police shows what happened when a tractor trailer lost its braking capability, causing it to speed uncontrollably for six miles until it crashed, according to NBC News. The truck hit speeds of up to 99 miles per hour during the chase. 

It's unclear what prevented the truck from stopping. In the clip, the trailer's tires can be seen smoking up while being dragged. 

From the looks of things, the driver was able to make it out of the wreckage without issue. It's unclear whether he or she sustained any major injuries.

Somehow, no other vehicles sustained damaged while the tractor trailer was on the run. 

It's unclear when the incident occurred. 

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