Watch Estonian Police End a Bike Chase—the Fast Way

Estonian biker and his passenger learn the dangers of running from the police.

KRIMI24 - WRT/YouTube

As many residents of Los Angeles can probably tell you, as entertaining as a high-speed chase can be to watch on a screen, they're rarely a laughing matter for those actually involved, or in the vicinity. A well-known police tactic to ending dangerous pursuits is the PIT maneuver. When police in Estonia were faced with a fleeing motorcyclist, however, they decided to put an end to the chase with, let's say, a variation on that tactic. 

According to a report by Carscoops, police in Tallinn, Estonia clocked a motorcyclist and his passenger going 124 mph last Friday before pursuing. When the speeding BMW S1000RR refused to stop, however, they decided to put an end to the nonsense. As the rider slowed down approaching a roundabout, a police car rammed into the back of the bike; the result was both expected and effective. After some of the dust had settled, the female passenger was less than pleased—as you can see in the video, below. A warning to riders, particularly those of you with, shall we say, patchy relationships with local law enforcement: you may want to avert your eyes.

According to the video's uploader, the rider was without a motorcycle license. It had been revoked due to prior speed-related offenses.