Best Vintage Ragtops For Soaking Up Ultraviolet

Yes. We just called a 1928 Bentley a “ragtop.”

byBen Keeshin|
History photo


Though it’s a frightfully elegant affair, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance tagline might be “show and sell.” Because while the formal invitations and prestige belong to those special cars parading across the Amelia Island golf course, the metal being sold a couple of tents over by Sotheby’s and RM is every bit as good. And, by good, we mean “superlatively beautiful,” “rarer than a Trump apology” and “more expensive than Zeus’ robe.”

This March, when droves of the monied and seer-sucked drive across that causeway into the dank, tropical environment of the island, they will have the option to buy metal so fine, it might even qualify for the concours. For example, check out these ragtops. (Our apologies: spiders, spyders, tourers and roadsters.) From British sports cars to mile-long American sleds, here are the best vehicles at the Amelia Island auction for soaking up some ultraviolet.