Alonso Admits That He’s Received Offers From Rival Teams

Talks of Williams showing interest in the two-time champ have floated, among others.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Alonso Admits That He’s Received Offers From Rival Teams


The Formula One rumor mill has been churning out destinations for Fernando Alonso after this season, but up until now, the Spaniard has remained quiet. Hopes of the double-world champion making a move to Ferrari or Mercedes Benz were quietly shut down earlier in the season, and his dead-end option of winning with McLaren seems to be out the window as well. However, talks of Williams offering the star a contract have swirled, and though Alonso hasn't recognized the team's interest in particular, he did note that he's received offers from several others during this season.

Ultimately, 'Nando is in charge of his own future when it comes to McLaren. The Woking-based crew stated earlier in the year that it would "do everything" to keep Alonso on board, but it will be a hefty chore to work things out with Honda in order to make him happy. He claimed earlier in the year that McLaren has until September to straighten out its dreaded Honda engine problems, but little progress has been made.

And as for Alonso's decision, he says he's keeping quiet until the end of September. 

“I will have a think and take decisions in the next month. Definitely I have some offers," he said to "I did have offers in June, in July, in August. [To] 60 percent of them I said no already and the other 40 is still on the table.”


No teams were specified by the 36-year old driver, but one can only assume that Williams is in the mix. The British F1 staple is reportedly looking to add Alonso as a major threat for next season, strengthening both its driver crew and engineering team. Fernando could also be a mentor to 18-year old rookie Lance Stroll, giving him pointers and put him on the fast-track to Formula One success.

Williams technical director Paddy Lowe added: “We haven’t announced who is driving for us next year. It’s something we’re still working on it. I’m not going to comment on it, either rule it in or rule it out.”

If Alonso doesn't find a suitable home in F1, he could very well find a home in the American IndyCar series. He made his debut at the Indy 500 this year, an event that he chose over the Monaco Grand Prix, stating he "didn't miss" the most lavish weekend in the sport.

“I haven’t thought about my decision yet,” he said. “I will wait and I will take the best decision for me and the one that makes me more happier next year." He continued, “I’m very relaxed. I will wait as long as possible to have better and more clear ideas and more clear projects, so let’s see.”