Could Fernando Alonso Drive For Williams in 2018?

Rumors in the paddock suggest that the fabled F1 team is after the former champion.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Aug 26, 2017 10:18 AM
Could Fernando Alonso Drive For Williams in 2018?

Fernando Alonso wants out of his current situation with McLaren-Honda. He has given deadlines and expressed his frustrations to the media, all while his options in Mercedes Benz and Ferrari have fallen out before talks ever began. The former world champion has even gone as far as considering the switch to IndyCar just to have hopes of winning again. While seemingly nobody showed interest in recruiting 'Nando for the 2018 season, a light has flared in the form of Williams, according to the F1 rumor mill.

A report from the German publication Auto Motor und Sport tells that Williams is allegedly pursuing the Spaniard star, adding him to the roster once his contract with McLaren expires later this year. 

Williams is looking for a cutting edge after sticking near the middle of the pack through 2017. By picking up Alonso, the team would have a world-class driver at the helm once again, serving as both a competitor and mentor to young rookie Lance Stroll, the only Williams member to achieve a podium this year.

Alonso's know-how could help Williams win on Sunday in more ways than one. In addition to his driving skill, he also has a knack for providing spot-on feedback that would improve the team's car, raising the level of both the driver's crew and the engineering sector. His experience and expertise has awarded him with 32 Grand Prix victories, and potentially more if he decides to hop aboard the Williams outfit.


Alonso would replace Felipe Massa, a 15 year Formula One veteran. The Brazilian driver was brought out of retirement to replace Valtteri Bottas after he moved to Mercedes, providing as a temporary solution to Williams' driver problem. Massa announced earlier in the season that he's mostly indifferent towards his future with the team, saying "I am completely relaxed no matter what happens."

Alonso has denied speculation repeatedly through the season, claiming he will "make [his] decision in September." That deadline is coming up quick, and if Alonso wants to stay in Formula One, Williams could be his best bet at getting back in a winning car. After all, they've beat out McLaren consistently over the last three years.