Treat Your Ride to CarPro’s C.Quartz Ceramic Coating

Spring is a good time to freshen up the protection on your vehicle’s precious paint.

byChris Landry|
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BYChris Landry/ LAST UPDATED ON March 10, 2022

If you’re on TikTok or whatever the kids are experimenting with these days, you’ve probably heard good things about Korean skin care products. Your car’s paint is basically its skin, so why not treat your 23-year-old Honda Accord to an interesting care regimen as well? CarPro hails from Korea, and their C.Quartz Sic is their newest in a decade-long product line.

I admit that I was pretty dismissive of the C.Quartz Sic when it first arrived at my door. Prior to this review, I never bothered to get into ceramic products, so I didn’t know who’s who in the space. I consider that to be a bonus because it allowed me to execute my review with an unbiased approach.

Getting After It With C.Quartz Sic Ceramic Coating

  • Good: High-quality product and applicator 
  • Bad: Expensive, for pros 
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The kit comes with an applicator block, several cloths, some instructions, and the coating itself. The included instructions are a little vague, making the process sound a little daunting. I get the impression that this is less of an issue if you’re a seasoned pro, but if you’re starting out for the first time, you might want some additional info. An included microfiber would be nice, but it’s not necessary if you already do your own car detailing.

Things didn’t start off great with the C.Quartz Sic because I shook the bottle before opening it, and it sprayed out. This could be a plus to you if you like the smell of peanut butter and acetone, since that’s its aroma profile. Unfortunately for me, that’s not very appealing, and I did waste a bit of product. 

Chris Landry

Once I cleaned up after myself, I wrapped the applicator cloth around the block and hit it with a few drops of the coating. I tested C.Quartz Sic on the roof of my 1999 Accord coupe, and I was impressed with the ease of application. It was very apparent to me which areas I had covered and which I still needed to hit.

Application and removal with C.Quartz Sic is pretty straightforward, but I wish that the instructions were more clear about what the product should look like when it is ready to be removed. No circles here — instead, you apply the product in straight lines and then go back over them in the other direction to ensure complete coverage. The flash time of the product will depend on a whole mess of factors, but look for it to take up to a few minutes and appear oily and then wipe it off with a crisp, clean microfiber towel. Take your time to ensure you didn’t leave any behind, because the product will solidify something fierce.

Chris Landry

What’s Good About C.Quartz Sic Ceramic Coating

It really seems like the time and effort went into the actual product itself here, which I appreciate. While you absolutely need to wear a mask and work in a ventilated area, the scent of the product is pretty mild and doesn’t make you think that you’re actively destroying your brain cells as you use it.

What’s Not so Great About C.Quartz

While the vague instructions and packaging might be a slight barrier for beginners, there is plenty of information out there about how to apply ceramic coatings such as this.

Chris Landry

Our Verdict

It’s safe to say that this is more of a pro-level product. While I haven’t had it on the car for very long, I have high hopes it will provide lasting results and protection. C.Quartz Sic is one of the more traditional ceramic coatings, meaning it is a concentrated product that takes some time and effort to apply. If you’re looking for that category of product specifically, you can’t go wrong here. 

Conversely, if you’re looking to dip a toe into the ceramic world with a less intense product, I’d recommend staying away from this and similar concentrated coatings. There is a risk factor here that isn’t present with spray coatings. At the same time, the results can be far more rewarding and enduring. Look at the gloss on this single-stage respray and decide for yourself.

Chris Landry


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q. How long does C.Quartz Sic last?

A. CarPro says it will last up to two years when applied correctly.

Q. What is the difference between C.Quartz and C.Quartz UK?

A. They are the same except the UK product is designed for colder climates.

Q. How do you wash a car after C.Quartz?

A. Wait at least five days before washing with soap. 

Q. How long does C. Quartz take to cure?

A. CarPro suggests about 24 hours for this one.

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