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The Best Rain Suits (Review & Buying Guide) 2021

Make the most of stormy weather with these top-rated rain suits.

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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON February 26, 2021

No one likes getting soaking wet, especially if it’s cold or you have somewhere to be. A rain suit can help protect your clothes and reduce the chances of hypothermia. If you wear a rain suit often—either in harsh weather conditions or in a rugged environment—you need a sturdy rain suit that can stand up to hard use. Alternatively, you may just need an easy-to-store cover-up rain suit for inclement weather or emergencies. 

We’ve found a range of high-quality rain suits that give you protection from the elements and are a comfortable fit. Any outdoor excursion requires the proper gear, and these rain suits keep you prepared for anything. Whether you need camo gear for a hunting trip or a reflective suit for road tripping, these rain suits can keep you and your regular clothes dry and safe.

Best Overall
Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Rain Suit


Comfortable and entirely waterproof, this two-piece rain suit comes in multiple sizes. It’s made of quality materials and is created to last.

  • The polyester material won’t tear easily
  • Fabric is resistant to wind and water. The zipper is strong and durable
  • Limited color selections available
  • Open waist design can leave you vulnerable to getting wet
Best Value

RainRider Lightweight Rain Suit


Lightweight and breathable, this suit is designed for moderate rainstorms. It has a bright color and improves visibility during rainfall.

  • Quality stitching and effective seams keep water out
  • The pants have a firm elastic at the waist. It is easy to maintain over time
  • There is no elastic cuff at the end of the arms or legs, so water can get in at these points
Honorable Mention

Navis Marine Rain Suit


Designed for use at the worksite, this rain suit is a heavy-duty option. It is entirely black and touts a thick enough material to provide insulation and rain protection.

  • Thick and sturdy fabric keeps moisture away from your skin
  • It holds heat well to keep you warm
  • A full hood also protects your head
  • Can be too heavy for casual wearing
  • You need to keep the suspenders on to hold up the pants, which can cause chafing
Tactical & Outdoor photo

Benefits of Rain Suits

  • Keeps you dry. The main benefit of rain suits is that they are entirely waterproof to prevent you from getting damp during a rainstorm. It can also help fight against the potential health issues related to being wet for prolonged periods. With a two-piece (or more) rain suit, you can stay bone dry in the worst weather.
  • Helps you stay visible. Rain makes it difficult to see your surroundings. With quality rain suits, you get a strip of luminescent material to catch surrounding lights. Alternatively, the suit may be in a really bright color, which can keep you safe since pedestrians and drivers will see you are there. 
  • Retains heat. Though rain isn’t always cold, coupled with wind, it can get really chilly. Rain suits are wind-repellent, in addition to keeping water out. This, plus a layer of insulation, helps to keep you warm in rough weather situations.
  • Enables movement. Rain suits are generally quite lightweight and let you move around freely. Especially for work settings or outdoor chores, this makes your tasks easier. It also enables you to keep your blood flowing and helps you avoid getting too cold. 
  • Lets you stay outside longer. Since these suits are both water- and wind-resistant, you can spend more time outdoors. Most have adjustable cuffs and lightweight pants so, if the rain passes, you don’t need to change right away. 
  • Easy to put on and take off. The gear itself, hooking in two or more pieces, makes it easy to get set up. It is equally as easy to remove the rain gear, despite the exterior being wet. This not only keeps your home and car cleaner, but it also adds a level of convenience to dressing for the weather.

Types of Rain Suits


Instead of consisting of pants and a jacket, both parts are combined in a one-piece rain suit. Generally, there is an insulated layer and a heavy water- and wind-proof exterior that are ideal as motorcycle gear. Almost always, these suits zipper closed and feature an added level of reinforcement. This comes in the form of either Velcro or snap closures. They are usually a bit more difficult to put on and are more prone to restrict the range of motion. That said, the suits are warm and, since there is only one piece, are a very waterproof option. 


You will find either two or three-piece suits. The two-part options usually consist of pants and a jacket. When there are three parts, it usually involves a removable hood. In most cases, there will be elastic cuffs and a zipper closure that’s fortified with snaps of velcro. Almost all rain suit jackets in this category have pockets. There are some differences within this category when it comes to pants—some have an elastic closure at the waist while others have a bib and suspenders for an added layer of coverage. Often, there are straps for the foot attachment. 


This sort of rain suit is most common on worksites. It is made out of thicker material than the other types. These suits are crafted to help outdoor workers stay warm and dry for long periods. Typically, these come at a moderately higher price point. All of the jackets in this category incorporate some reflective protection. Usually, they are in the classic yellow or orange hues. The two-part suits have added insulation and are very thick.

Top Brands

Frogg Toggs

With over two decade’s experience, this Chinese manufacturer continues to be one of the leading purveyors of rain gear on the international market. One of its best-favored selections is the FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Rain Suit

Opening its doors in 2016 in the United Kingdom, this clothing company specializes in marine wear. Popular for unique and effective designs, one of its leading options is the Navis Marine Sailing Jacket


A well-known name in athletic and outdoor gear, Columbia opened its doors in 1937. Named after the Columbia River, this business started as a humble hat distributor and grew to what it is today. A leading product is the Columbia Men’s Watertight Rain Jacket

Rain Suit Pricing

  • Under $30: Suits in this price range are usually two-piece and are meant for casual use. They are typically lightweight and comfortable, though they lack fine details in some regards. 
  • Between $30 and $100: This category includes both single and multi-piece suits. Usually, there is insulation, powerful wind- and water-resistance, and several color and size choices. 
  • Over $100: This group includes both commercial gear and higher-end multi-piece suits. Heavy-duty and long-lasting, the added price goes towards material effectiveness and quality of design. 

Key Features

Waterproof Fabric

Likely the most important feature of a rain suit is its ability to keep water out. Standard fabrics include polyester, polyvinyl, and PVC. The material needs to be well stitched and prevent issues with rips and tears. Though all rain suits are water-repellent, an added benefit of waterproof fabric is the resistance to wind it offers. The best rain suits feature the ability to resist all the elements, keeping the wearer comfortable. 

Jacket & Pants

Another feature of the suit is the design itself. All of the suits consist of a jacket and pants (whether together or as multiple pieces). The jacket protects your upper body and gives your arms range of motion. The pants are either bib-and-suspender style or elastic at your waist. In almost all cases, the jacket zippers close and have a layer of protection using snaps or Velcro. 


More than just a simple zipper, the closures are the point at which water is most likely to get into the suit. Usually fortified by a flap with snaps, buttons, or Velcro, this helps the zipper keep all water out. Another aspect of the closure is the cuffs on the wrists and ankles. Adjustable with a drawcord or elastic, this part is essential to keeping you dry. 


All rain suits come with a hood that is either built-in or detachable. This keeps your head dry and prevents the loss of body heat due to cold, damps conditions. Sometimes, the hood folds into the collar. It usually incorporates a drawstring that lets you tighten the hood to provide the best fit possible. 

Other Considerations

  • Comfort. Rain can be uncomfortable for extended periods, so it’s important to find a comfortable suit. Choose something loose enough to let you stay warm and move easily. Consider whether you like the style and would be comfortable wearing it outside for extended ventures. 
  • Weight. Some suits are heavier than others, so consider the kind of weight you want to carry with you. While the heavier options tend to insulate better, they can cause strain over long periods. Ensure that the type of jacket you choose matches the purpose and that it won’t be too challenging to wear it for hours at a time. 
  • Style. Consider the color, size, and style when you make your choice. Brighter colors are better for visibility, while darker colors have a timeless appeal. Consider the situations you are likely to face and opt for a jacket that best suits those needs. 
  • Upkeep. Think about the maintenance needs of the jacket. Is it machine-washable? Does it hang to dry? Depending on your situation, you may want a jacket you can just wipe down and hang to dry. Excessive washing can lead to premature wear and tear, so find an easy option to properly maintain for best results. 
  • Durability. Ideally, the rain suit will last you over the long term. For this, you want something with quality seams, an effective zipper, and a well-structured hood. Ultimately, it is about choosing a fabric that isn’t prone to rips or tears. Opt for something that has both elastic and an adjustable cord, if this is your focus. Elastic tends to wear down more quickly.

Best Rain Suits Reviews & Recommendations 2021

When you want the benefits of traditional gear, try the Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Rain Suit. It is made entirely out of polyester, a synthetic material with a high level of resistance to rips and tears. Since the fabric isn’t woven, you get the extra advantage of wind-resistance. This, plus the waterproof abilities, makes the suit ideal for rainy days. It comes in two pieces with the jacket zippering closed. Despite the jacket being powerful against the elements, it still lets you breathe as you go about your day. The adjustable openings ensure your comfort while the layers of protection keep you dry. With multiple sizes and colors, this suit is a good choice overall. 

Keep in mind that, while the suit is tough against damage, it isn’t machine dryable. To ensure proper maintenance and lasting benefits, let it hang to dry overnight.

If you're looking for something that you can wear throughout the day, consider the RainRider Lightweight Rain Suit. Designed to let rain slip right off, it doesn't get heavier as you move around. Instead, the diverse textiles work together to keep you comfortable. The PVC-backed polyester is highly durable and meant to withstand all sorts of rips and tears. Despite this, it is comfortable since the design promotes airflow. While it is large enough to let you move around with ease, it can also accommodate a sweater underneath for cold and rainy days. Priced affordably, this stylish rain suit is an excellent value pick. 

Though it is great at keeping the rain out, this jacket doesn't have much in the way of pockets. If you need to keep items close at hand, stick to the basics, and this suit will have sufficient room.

For those looking to find rain gear that’s dependable and comfortable, the Acme Projects Rain Suit is a worthy selection. It comes in four muted tones that are designed to be subtle and comfortable. The suit has a two-piece design, and it is insulated to keep you warm with the layer inside thoroughly protected from moisture. This part gives a buffer layer between your skin and the jacket and helps avoid chafing and irritation. In terms of performance, this rain suit is a premium selection. It effectively keeps even the heaviest rains away from your skin, preventing you from getting soaked. After use, it dries out quickly and returns to peak condition.

While the main part of the suit is fantastic, the zipper has a fine-toothed design. Thus, it can break if not handled properly, so be sure to exercise care when closing the jacket.

The Frogg Toggs All-Purpose Rain Suit can keep you toasty, warm, and dry throughout any adventure. The suit is made out of a top-quality polymer to keep moisture out. Since the layers don’t incorporate weaving, the fabric can do this without limiting airflow. Effectively, it just causes the water droplets to keep falling, keeping your skin warm and dry. It comes in four different colors, ranging from black to neon. The jacket incorporates a parka-style design with a zipper and added storm flap to keep you dry. Paired with the elastic cuffs at the wrists, you can stay completely away from the precipitation. 

Bear in mind that, while it is comfy to the touch, it can create a lot of noise when you move around. Still, it is a pretty good trade-off for staying warm and cozy in the rain.

Whether you work outdoors or have to handle chores, the RK Safety Rain Suit is worth checking out. It is a Class Three type of rain gear, given its reflective cover and added visibility. It is designed for people who spend hours at a time outdoors, rain or shine. You can get this rain suit in either neon or orange. Meant to withstand not only precipitation but also the demanding nature of outdoor worksites, these suits are tough. Warming and comfortable, you can easily stay outside in this rain suit for hours.  

Since the fabric is relatively unforgiving, it is important to find the right size. By ensuring you take measurements beforehand, you can be certain that the suit will fit properly.

When looking for a comfortable set that works in heavy weather, the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit is an excellent option. It comes in various sizes, and though there are several color options, each of them incorporates high-visibility strips. This means that, even if it rains heavily, anyone can see you on the road. The suit is made out of polyester, a naturally rip-resistant material. With a lining of PVC, you get the added benefits of sturdiness and insulation. All parts of the jacket are waterproof. This repellency is furthered by the adjustable wrists and bands that go over your feet. By incorporating pockets, it’s easy to keep your gear on hand. 

Keep in mind that, though it improves your visibility, the suit can be a bit on the heavy end. For best results, use it when you need warmth instead of agility.

The Ourcan Rain Suit is an excellent approach if you value style. The two-piece suit consists of pants and a hooded jacket. Both parts have a luminescent strip, meant to keep you visible during the rain. While the rain suit is thick and heavy-duty, it is crafted specifically to keep you comfortable. The jacket has pockets with Velcro elastic, which keeps the rain away from your items. Coming in a deep navy blue color, both pieces are subtle yet stylish. The material is a high-quality polymer, making it resistant to tears and frays. With reinforced seams and firm buttons at the front, water doesn’t stand a chance. It is light enough to wear comfortably yet heavy enough to get you through a shift at work. 

Despite the jacket being comfortable, it can be tricky to clean. Be sure to follow the instructions to prevent issues from premature wear and tear.

When you want to stick to the basics, the RPS Outdoors Simple Rain Suit is an optimal choice. You can get it in a few different colors, ranging from bright yellow to slick black. It is entirely waterproof and includes reinforced seams to help you stay dry (and to prevent tears). It is made out of a high-grade textile, backed with a layer of PVC for added warmth. The suit is light enough to wear in good weather but is powerful enough to wear during a rainstorm. The elastic at the waist fits naturally, and the hood is comfortable and light. When you’re wearing it, even though the suit keeps water out, it is loose enough for your skin to breathe easily. 

While the overall suit is effective, the snap closures are not as efficient against moisture as standard elastic. For this reason, this jacket is best in lighter rain and short-lived storms.

The Stansport Commercial Rain Suit comes in a super-bright yellow hue. The hooded jacket and suspender-style pants give you complete coverage from the rain. Since it’s made out of unique textiles like polyvinyl, you get that smooth texture for which rain suits are famed. Despite being a classic style, there are a lot of modern components. These include the elastics at the wrists and ends of the feet. The shoulders for the suspenders are designed for maximum protection balanced against comfort. With Velcro cuffing, you can be sure that no moisture is going to get through. 

Due to the materials, the fabric is somewhat less breathable than those made exclusively with polyester. As long as it’s worn for short periods, it is still a good pick.


  • Choose a suit that fits you properly. Opt for a size slightly bigger since a tight fit can quickly become uncomfortable and preclude a full range of motion. 
  • Select an item that promotes your visibility while you move around in the rain. This helps you stay safe during stormy days. 
  • Always close the flap that is outside of the main zipper. It prevents damage to the zipper and helps keep water out. 
  • Properly dry out the suit after you wear it to promote longevity.
  • Pick a suit that best fits the purpose at hand. For instance, if you plan to ride a motorcycle, choose the proper rain gear for motorcycles
  • Use the closures at the wrists and ankles to get the most out of your rain suit every time. 


Q: What is a rain suit?

A rain suit is either a single piece or multiple parts meant to be worn together to keep you from getting wet. The material is designed to keep water out and dry off quickly. There are different styles suited to everything, from riding motorcycles to workplace needs. 

Q: How much is the best rain suit?

The best rain suit ultimately depends on the purpose (work, casual, bike riding, etc.). You can get a medium-end selection for less than $100. However, there are some very heavy-duty options with a three-figure price tag. 

Q: How can I clean my rain suit?

Always follow the instructions for your specific suit. Usually, you can wash it on a cold water cycle or by hand. The waterproof exterior doesn’t hold stains, so it’s easy to wipe down. Close the Velcro before washing it (to prevent frays), and hang dry for best results.   

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the ins and outs of rain suits, you can find the best choice for you. Perhaps it’s the Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Rain Suit or our value pick, the RainRider Lightweight Rain Suit

Have some experience with rain gear? Drop us a comment below to share your story.

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