Best Utility Trailers: Haul Light and Heavy Loads With Ease

These top utility trailers are great for hauling firewood and other items

byNikola Petrovski, Noelle Talmon|
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BYNikola Petrovski, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON May 31, 2023

If you do a lot of work around your property and need a machine to help you haul firewood, pick up fallen branches, or carry seed, you may benefit from having a utility trailer. There are even robust utility trailers that are roadworthy and can haul motorcycles and other gear around town. Our buying guide below features some of the best utility trailers on the market.

Best Overall
Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer


Offering ample storage for bicyclists, this two-wheel utility trailer rides smoothly to secure your items. The large tires and sizable structure holds up to 100 pounds. 

  • 16-inch air-filled tires work on any type of terrain
  • Folding design allows for compact storage
  • Stably attaches to the bike with little effort
  • Not suitable for travel with pets or kids
  • Won’t attach to motorized vehicles 
  • Tread on tires wears down with time
Best Value

MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Utility Carrier


Cost-effective and durable, this hitch mount system leads to a 500-pound capacity cargo carrier. Lightweight and easy to mount, the prominent side rails protect your gear.

  • Made out of durable, rust-resistant materials
  • Open style lets you carry large items
  • Able to support up to 500 pounds
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Requires straps to affix your supplies
  • Fits only with Class III and IV hitches
  • Aluminum is vulnerable to dents
Honorable Mention

MotoAlliance Heavy-Duty Utility Cart


Designed to work with any type of ATV or UTV, this utility trailer is able to hold an impressive 1,500 pounds. Supporting 15 cubic feet of materials, it has large siding to prevent things from falling out. 

  • Able to withstand substantial weight
  • Large tires work on all types of terrain
  • Four-ply tires prevents risk of damage through punctures
  • Comes at a fairly high price point
  • Black coating can scratch and lead to rust
  • Removable rails can be tricky to adjust

Summary List

Best Utility Trailers: Reviews & Recommendations

If you’re looking for something that lets you carry ample supplies while riding your bike, the Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer is a worthy pick. It features a textile exterior, keeping water and dust off of your supplies. Covering the lightweight frame, it opens to ample space, able to support up to 100 pounds. Hooking directly to your bike with the included universal coupler, it is easy to set up and take down. In between uses, it folds into a compact structure, letting you store it just about anywhere. 

Featuring two 16-inch tires filled with air, they connect to interior D-rings to help you strap down cargo. The attachment design is meant to enable you to ride smoothly, without compromising acceleration or torque. While it might not be freeway-worthy, this utility trailer couples easily, hauls powerfully, and lasts over the long term. With such a convenient design and reliable performance, it’s a clear winner overall. 

Offering ample space for bulkier objects, the MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Utility Carrier has a lot of value to those hitting the road. It comes at an affordable price point, especially considering its ability to support up to 500 pounds (provided the weight is distributed correctly). Made in a basket design, using tough aluminum material, this trailer is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Featuring raised sides, you can easily strap your gear into place without worrying about it moving while you travel. The set fits onto any Class III or Class IV hitch receivers. 

With a strong steel frame supporting the basket, it enables easy attachment and stable performance. The lightweight nature of the structure means it won’t slow you down, while the size lets you tow even the most awkward-shaped items. While, when installed, it will make it trickier to park in the garage, it is fairly easy to remove and replace. Affordable and user-friendly, this carrier is a worthy value pick.

Standing out from the crowd for its immense weight capacity, the MotoAlliance Heavy-Duty Utility Cart is a truly premium choice. It can hold up to 1,500 pounds and supports a full 15 cubic feet of supplies. Made out of heavy-duty metal, this model includes high mesh walls to prevent items from shaking out of place. Connecting to any standard ATV or UTV, it comes with 18-inch pneumatic tires. The four-ply rubber, paired with the textured base enables you to travel easily over any type of terrain. 

Ideal for hauling heavy items in rural areas or for taking out on a camping trip, the polymer bed won’t break under strain. Though the wheels may need maintenance from time to time, the hitch attachment and durable structure keeps it performing over the long-term. It might come at a higher price point, but it can outlast a lot of the competition. Considering its ability to haul and impressive utility value, this premium option is worth the investment.

Want something that’s road ready, sturdy, and easy to handle? Take a look at the AA Products Hitch Mount Utility Trailer for its sleek design and its universal hitch attachment. Featuring a folding shank, you can fold it vertically when not in use. This helps you park with ease, so you don’t continually have to remove and replace it. With high walls, this bed measures in at 60 x 21 x 6 inches. Able to withstand up to 500 pounds of cargo, it hooks up easily to any standard hitch. 

Made out of steel, the black powder coating prevents issues with rust and corrosion. With an included mesh net, it’s easy to keep your gear in position while you drive. The firm base is made out of metal mesh, so be sure not to store small supplies. So long as you stick to the big items, this utility trailer can help you efficiently, get your gear from place to place. 

An interesting choice for bicyclists, the Burley Flatbed Aluminum Utility Trailer features an open-concept design. It has a main aluminum structure that connects to large, pneumatic wheels, ringing in at 16 inches. It leads to a 33 x 16 x 30-inch trailer with a flat base and sturdy sides. All parts attach easily, with push-button releases on the tires for easy disassembly. Coming with a forged hitch, it connects to any bike on the market. 

This trailer has no small openings at the base, meaning you can use it to haul firewood without small scraps falling. It works on any type of terrain, with the big wheels buffering most of the shock. The result is a stable ride and simplified transportation of heavy goods. It can hold as much as 100 pounds of supplies. Though it may require a cover, this user-friendly utility trailer earns an honorable mention for its convenient function.

Our Verdict on the Best Utility Trailers

Now that you know what to expect out of the best utility trailers, you can make your pick. It could be the Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer, a lightweight model offering ample convenience. Or, if you’re looking to save without compromising functionality, the MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Utility Carrier offers fantastic value. 


  • The most important thing is to determine how much weight a trailer can tolerate before you load it. Read the manufacturer's specifications to find the towing capacity.
  • Make sure the load is level and balanced from front to back and side to side. The trailer will be easier to tow, and items will stay in place better.
  • If you tow a trailer with tail lights and turn signals, make sure the wiring harnesses are attached and that they are working properly.


Q: Can you bring a utility trailer on the highway? 

A: It depends on the brand. Plus, some utility trailers are designed for low-speed hauling to be used with ATVs or UTVs. Trailers must be registered and have tail lights and turn lights to be roadworthy.

Q: What is the maximum towing speed of a utility trailer?

A: The speed rating is based on the tires, but you also have to consider the weight of the load. If you go faster than the recommended limit, the tires may fail.

Q: How much does a utility trailer cost?

A: That depends on the type of utility trailer, its size, and its weight capacity. Those used in conjunction with ATVs and UTVs will cost several hundred dollars, while tandem axle trailers can cost as much as several thousand dollars.

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