Best Oil Filters for 6.7 Cummins: Keep Your Motor Healthy

Use one of these quality oil filters when you change the oil in your 6.7L Cummins

byDaniel Rika, Richard Bowen|
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BYDaniel Rika, Richard Bowen/ LAST UPDATED ON September 10, 2023

Experts agree that the most important maintenance item for an engine is clean oil. This means changing the oil and filter at the manufacturer’s recommended change interval using quality oil and a top-notch oil filter. Check out our picks for the best oil filters for Cummins 6.7L motors.

Best Overall

Fleetguard LF16035 Stratapore Oil Filter

This oil filter fits 2004-12 RAM pickups. It is strong and durable and has low filter restriction. The filter’s fluted shell makes removal easy, and the filtration media allows for the longer oil change intervals on modern diesel motors.
This filter contains a patented “StrataPore” filter media that improves filtration. It also features multi-layer organic containment that provides more efficiency and longer filter life.
May not fit the Ram 3500. Rubber seal may be missing, and you cannot install the filter without it.
Best Value

WIX Filters 57620XP Spin-On Lube Filter

This is an affordable oil filter that’s ideal for engines that use synthetic motor oil. It can trap up to 100 percent of contaminants to prevent oil system clogs caused by oil breakdown.
It resists damages caused by extreme driving conditions and elevated oil temperatures. Great quality that rivals high-end oil filters. Durable and efficient at trapping contaminants.
You might get the wrong model upon delivery. Might ship with a dusty filter.
Honorable Mention

K&N HP-4003 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter

This economical O/E replacement filter fits most trucks and SUVs. The resin-impregnated fiber inside removes 99 percent of potentially harmful particles, debris, and rust. It is made with heavy-duty metal and has a double-rolled seal for durability. It can be used with both conventional and synthetic oils.
This filter features a one-inch extruded nut for easy removal when it’s time to change filters. It also has an anti-drain-back valve (depending on application) that keeps oil from flowing back into the crankcase when you stop the motor. This also helps prevent dry starts.
It may leak at the o-ring, or the rivets in the nut may leak. Either or both can cause engine damage if not caught early enough.

Summary List

Types of Oil Filters for 6.7 Cummins

Spin-on and Cartridge Oil Filters

A cartridge oil filter is one where you only replace the cartridge (the filter element) when you change filters. A spin-on filter is the type where you replace the entire filter, element, and filter housing when you change filters. In the early years of automobiles and trucks, all oil filters were the cartridge type. Later, manufacturers started using spin-on oil filters because they are in some respects easier to remove and install. However, they are more difficult to dispose of properly, especially today, where disposing of automotive fluids is strictly regulated. As a result, some auto and truck makers are again using cartridge-type oil filters because they are less harmful to the environment. 

Synthetic Fiber Elements vs. Paper Elements

Originally all filter elements were made of paper. They did the job satisfactorily but as time progressed, manufacturers developed synthetic elements. Today most oil filters have a synthetic fiber element. Manufacturers design synthetic elements so they efficiently do their job of filtering out impurities like rust, dirt, and metal particles. Fewer impurities mean an engine that operates more efficiently, gives you more power and enables your engine to last longer. In addition, synthetic elements are more durable so you don’t have to change the filter as often. This saves you money, time, and effort.

Wrench-Off vs. Standard Filters

Wrench-off oil filters allow you to use an open-end, socket, or crescent wrench to help in removing the oil filter from the motor. With standard oil filters, you often need a specialty tool variously called a strap wrench, oil filter pliers, or swivel wrench, to help you remove the filter. 

Look for a hexagonal nut built into the filter and located at the end of it, opposite the gasket end. 

Best Oil Filters for 6.7 Cummins: Reviews & Recommendations

This is a Cummins-approved filter. It fits RAM trucks, it is durable and has low filter restriction. A fluted shell makes it easy to remove and the filter element gives you longer filter life, which meets the longer oil change intervals of today’s diesel engines. 

The element is made of “StrataPore” material for improved filtering. This multi-layer containment provides for longer life and more efficient filtering. 

However, some buyers report that the filter may not fit the RAM 3500. Make sure when the filter arrives that it includes the rubber gasket. Some purchasers report the gasket is missing and you don’ want to install the filter without it.

Great for automotive applications that use synthetic motor oil, the WIX 57620XP is a great choice for ridding the oil by 100 percent of dirt and contaminants. It can withstand harsh driving conditions such as being exposed to prolonged highway speeds, off-roading, and hilly climbs.

Also, it can withstand extreme oil temperatures without getting damaged. The filter features an HNBR gasket, which resists freezing in cold temperatures. It also resists hardening under increased oil temperatures. Other than that, this filter can be used in trucks, tow trailers, boats, or any other heavy equipment. It’s recommended that you change it every 3,750 to 10,000 miles.

The main drawback is with the shipping; you might receive a regular filter instead of the XP that’s compatible with 6.7-liter Cummins. Besides that, you may need to dust off the filter before you install it since it might have traces of metal dust when it's new

This is an O/E filter that fits most SUVs and trucks. It has a resin-impregnated fiber element that takes out 99 percent of harmful debris like metal particles, dirt, and sludge. The filter housing is made of heavy-duty steel and the gasket is double-rolled for durability and strength. 

The 1-inch extruded nut makes it easy for you to remove the filter when it’s time to change it. An anti-drainback valve that works on many applications keeps oil from going back into the crankcase after you stop the engine. This valve also helps prevent dry starts.

Some users who have ordered the filter say that the rivets or the O-ring might leak. Either leak can cause damage to the motor if not spotted early enough, so be aware.

As a genuine Chrysler, OEM part, this filter fits RAM pickups with model years 2004-2012. According to installers, it’s an excellent fit. The fact that it fits well makes this purchase worry-free. Users say Chrysler priced this part fairly, so you get a quality filter for your money.

This filter is made of heavy-duty metal, so it is durable and does its job well. Chrysler is an American company that has been making vehicles and parts since 1925, so it is a name you can trust to provide you with a quality product that works the way it’s supposed to work.

Some buyers report that it does not fit RAM 3500s. Others report the gasket was missing on the filter, which makes it impossible to use. If yours is missing the gasket, do not try to install it. Instead, ask for a replacement.

Mopar offers a direct OEM replacement filter for the Dodge Ram 6.7-liter Cummins vehicle. It’s a fuel or water separator set that’s designed to prevent damage to the fuel delivery components by trapping dirt particles and 98 percent of water contaminants. It also helps to prevent restrictions so as to provide a steady flow of clean fuel in the engine system.

The filter is made of high-quality material for prolonged durability, which includes a multi-layer filter, anti-caustic housing, and leak-resistant sealing components. With such a robust design, the filter can withstand being put through severe driving conditions.

The main downside is that it’s an OEM fit and will only fit Dodge Ram vehicles. Apart from that, it’s way more expensive than most oil filters on the market, but it does offer great value for the money since it’s quite durable.

Royal Purple is a reputable brand in the car care industry, and this is why we had to include its high-performance oil filter. It’s a spin-on diesel oil filter that’s designed with a thick steel housing that can endure a high-burst of intense pressure in the fuel system, and resists punctures from road debris. It’s designed with a 100 percent synthetic micro-glass media that traps small and large particles that impede fuel flow.

A silicone anti-drain back valve helps to prevent dry starts even in cold temperatures, and a heavy-duty, nitrile rubber gasket helps to prevent leaks. The nitrile rubber is formulated with a special lubricity compound for easy installation. Best of all, it’s compatible with all synthetic and conventional motor oils.

While this filter may be easy to install, it can take quite some time before you manage to loosen it when it’s old or if you need to clean it out. Also, it only fits 2013 to 2015 Dodge Ram vehicles with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines.

The iFJF offers a fuel filter set that’s designed to fit 6.7-liter diesel engines. It’s a fuel filter and water separator combo that’s designed to keep large water contaminants and large dirt particles from the engine. This helps your engine to run smoother and experience minimal starting issues.

As for the design, the filtration system features a double layer of micro filter paper, which can trap 95 percent of water and microns to ensure a steady flow of clean and dry fuel. It also helps to achieve water and oil separation in the fuel system for optimal lubrication efficiency.

However, it doesn't fit some Dodge Ram vehicles, so you should ensure that it's a perfect fit for your vehicle’s model and year before buying it. Also, it might come loose on some vehicles so you would have to inspect it from time to time to ensure that it isn’t leaking.

Our Verdict

We chose the Fleetguard LF16035 Stratapore Oil Filter for its strength and overall performance. Our best value choice is the WIX Filters 57620XP Spin-On Lube Filter.

Benefits of Oil Filters for 6.7 Cummins

  • Protection. A quality oil filter filters out debris, rust, and metal particles that may be in the oil. These contaminants can cause premature wear and engine problems if not removed. Properly filtered oil makes your engine last longer and perform better. 
  • Enhanced resale value. When it comes time to sell, you have a great selling point when you can prove that you used a quality filter and oil at the proper change intervals. This shows you took care of your vehicle and the engine, which adds value. 
  • Better mileage. Studies have shown that using a quality oil filter when you change your oil leads to better engine performance. Better performance automatically gives you better fuel economy. 
  • Better for the environment. When an oil filter properly filters the oil in your engine, it makes the engine run more efficiently. This means it burns the fuel more completely, which results in less air pollution.

Oil Filter for 6.7 Cummins Pricing

  • $8-$12. In this price range, you will find mostly cartridge-type oil filters. You will also find many economy spin-on and wrench-off types. These are low-priced filters that do the job. 
  • $13-$18. You’ll find spin-on, wrench-off, and cartridge-type filters in this price range also. However, you’ll get a higher-quality filter with more filtering capability that’s still easy on your pocketbook.
  • $19-$33. These are mostly spin-on filters. They feature high micron ratings (25-30), which yield high-efficiency filtering. The premium construction of these filters include heavy-duty gaskets and super-strength housings. 

Key Features

Filter Element

The filter element actually removes the impurities and contaminants from the oil. Manufacturers used paper originally as the material of choice for the element but have since replaced paper with synthetics. The quality of filter elements ranges from adequate to excellent. Check the element details before deciding which filter is best for your needs.


The quality of the construction of spin-on and wrench-off filters can vary. This includes the metal from which the manufacturer creates the housing and the quality of the gasket. Research and read reviews about the quality of the construction of the filter you want to buy so you get one that is strong and long-lasting. 

Spin-on and Wrench-off

Spin-on filters are easier to work with than cartridge filters in some respects because you simply spin the new filter on to install it. No need to hassle with a messy filter element. Similarly, you spin it off to remove the filter when its useful life is over. Wrench-off filters have a built-in “nut” on the housing, opposite the gasket end. You apply a wrench to this nut to easily remove the filter from the engine. 

Other Considerations

  • Environmental. Some car and truck manufacturers are reverting to cartridge-type oil filters because this type can be easier on the environment. With a cartridge oil filter, you only discard the filter element (and of course, the oil), not the entire filter when you change the oil. With millions of oil changes happening on the planet every day, discarding just the element is less wasteful. 
  • Fit. Before performing a DIY oil change, do your research. You do not want to be in the middle of changing the oil only to discover you ordered the wrong filter. Read reviews to make doubly sure the filter you want to buy fits your vehicle.
  • Price. Prices range from around $8 to as high as $33 and anywhere in between, for a single oil filter. It makes no sense to spend $33 when a $12 filter will work just as well. However, if an $8 filter appears to be poor quality, it’s best to spend a few more dollars to buy a better quality filter and peace of mind.


  • Warm up the engine for a few minutes before you do an oil change. This loosens the oil a bit, so it is easier to work with. But don’t run the engine too long—you don’t want to work with oil that is hot.
  • Safety first. Set the parking brake and put the vehicle in gear before you jack it up. Then block the wheels and put jacks under the frame.
  • After you have completed the job, dispose of the used oil safely and follow local recycling laws. Most recycling centers recycle used motor oil. 


Q: When do I change 6.7 Cummins oil?

A: As a general rule, change conventional oil every 3,000 miles and full synthetic oil every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. For specifics, see your owner’s manual.

Q: Why is changing the oil so important?

A: When you change the oil you remove contaminants like metal particles, rust, and debris. If you don’t change the oil, these can cause premature wear on the engine, prevent the motor from operating efficiently, and even cause the motor to malfunction.

Q: Is changing the oil difficult?

A: No, but it can be messy. Be prepared to get at least a little oil on your hands from removing the oil pan drain plug and the filter. You need a pan to catch the used oil and filter and a specialty tool called a strap wrench in order to remove the old filter of the vehicle. You also need a socket wrench or crescent wrench to remove the drain plug.  

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