Best Off-Road Trailers: Everything You Need in One Trip

Off-road trailers are the best form of assistance on a one-man job

byJason Collins, Mike Knott, Nikola Petrovski|
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BYJason Collins, Mike Knott, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON June 15, 2020

Working with and moving heavy-duty supplies can be a hassle. The use of an off-road trailer attached to your off-road vehicle ensures that supplies stay in place and keeps the commute down to minimize the number of trips you have to take back and forth. This buying guide includes the best-off road trailers on the market.

Best Overall
Yutrax Trail Warrior X2 Heavy Duty

Yutrax Trail Warrior X2 Heavy Duty

The Yutrax Trail Warrior has a load capacity of 1,250 pounds and is meant specifically for heavy-duty, off-road hauling activities. Features include heavy-duty steel, removable side rails and tailgate, and large 18-inch flotation tires.
This trailer is easy to assemble and includes a pivoting mesh bed that allows for better transparency and easier access to loading supplies or dumping debris.
This trailer is only effective off-road and is not versatile enough for use on paved roads without movement complications. Because the bed of the trailer is mesh, it means that materials such as dirt or sand cannot be transported in the trailer as is.
Best Value

Agri-Fab Utility Behind Dump Cart

The Agri-Fab cart has a maximum load capacity of 750 pounds and, with the help of 16-inch pneumatic tires, is designed to maneuver through all terrains.
This trailer features a solid, scratch-resistant steel bed that allows for optimal transportation of natural materials, such as dirt and sand, ensuring that they will not fall out.
The trailer is solid all around, which makes dumping materials more difficult. It only has a foot lever dumping mechanism, which leaves more room for materials to get stuck in the bed of the trailer, especially when wet.
Honorable Mention

Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Steel Utility Carts

The Gorilla utility cart is a multipurpose cart with a maximum load capacity of 1,400 pounds. It is equipped with 15-inch pneumatic tires for all-terrain maneuvering.
This product features removable sides that allow conversion to a flatbed for further versatility in moving larger items. It also features a two-in-one handle that allows connection to ATVs or other towing vehicles.
The trailer hitch is of questionable quality. There have also been complaints of users receiving their packages with parts missing.

Benefits of Off-Road Trailers

  • Versatility. Most off-road ATV or UTV trailers are multifunctional. They can be used as dump trailers on the back of a quad or side-by-side, or as an alternative to a wheelbarrow that you can pull around the yard. The handles easily remove or swing out of the way to hook up to an ATV hitch.
  • Convenience. If loading up a trailer isn’t bad enough, unloading it can be a real hassle. Some all-terrain vehicle utility trailers come with dump features that allow the user to dump the load without detaching the trailer from the tow vehicle.
  • Higher payloads. When compared to a wheelbarrow, off-road ATV utility trailers can haul much more weight. Loading 500 pounds into a wheelbarrow may break it, while ATV utility trailers can often haul 1,000 pounds or more.

Types of Off-Road Trailers

Solid Tub

Off-road ATV trailers with solid tubs are similar to a dump truck’s bed. The bed is often constructed of high-strength steel with a tailgate in the rear for easy loading and unloading. The benefit of these trailers is that you can load them with sand, dirt, rocks, mulch, and other materials without them falling through the bed or off the sides.


Flatbed trailers are platforms on wheels. They’re meant for moving large, heavy objects around that may not fit in a solid tub. Also, loading and unloading bags of mulch or other materials are easier with a flatbed as you can walk around the trailer and remove bags without bending over the trailer. This can be really helpful if you have a bad back. The downside of these is you can only load them with bags of materials like sand or gravel. Loose material will fall off the sides during transport.

Removable Sides

ATV and UTV off-road trailers with removable bed rails offer the best of both worlds. They can be used to transport loose materials with the bed rails on and a tarp placed inside. They can also be used to move a large tree stump or log with the bed rails removed. Loading and unloading are easy as well; all you have to do is remove the rails.

Top Brands

Gorilla Carts

Gorilla Carts has been making affordable utility carts for over 20 years. With its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Gorilla Carts has everything from lightweight garden carts to heavy-hauling off-road trailers. This Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart will haul up to 1,400 pounds around your property.


Agri-Fab produces several types of landscaping solutions for homeowners and businesses. Created in 1975 after a factory closed, several individuals got together to form Agri-Fab and save a community. Agri-Fab makes quality products like the Agri-Fab Convertible Push/Tow Dump Cart that make moving materials easier.

Yard Commander

Yard Commander is a subsidiary of YTL International. YTL is a Cerritos, California-based company that formed in 2006. Yard Commander products are known for their durability and affordability, like this Yard Commander 10 Cubic Foot Steel Dump Cart on Amazon.

Off-Road Trailer Pricing 

  • Up to $150: Trailers at this price point are typically full-tub style, single axle carts with minimal features. They often do not come with dump features and have lower payloads.
  • $150 to $500: The trailers available at this range will have some serious hauling capabilities. Better tires, dump features, removable sides, and higher payloads are common here.
  • $500 and Up: These are the heaviest-hauling, easiest-dumping trailers on the market. Some trailers in this price range even have tandem axles for added stability and to decrease tongue weight on the tow vehicle.

Key Features

Functional Tailgate

If you’re purchasing a tub-style cart, it can be difficult to fill with materials. A nice feature to have that remedies this is a functional tailgate. You can open it for easy loading and unloading but close it to secure your cargo and ensure it doesn’t fall out of the rear of the trailer.

Quality Tires and Wheels

There’s a lot riding on those wheels and tires, no pun intended. Heavy payloads can decimate inferior wheels and bearings. Cheap tires will puncture at the first sign of a sharp rock under a heavy load. Having good tires, steel wheels, and greased bearings will allow you to keep your cart rolling a lot longer.

Two-In-One Handles 

You might need to haul a load a distance by vehicle, only to position it in place by hand when you get there. Two-in-one handles make switching between an ATV hook-up and a manual grip easy. These handles require you to pull a pin and spin the handle into place or out of the way. This feature makes these trailers far more versatile.

Other Considerations 

  • Intended Use: Consider what you intend to use the cart for. If you’re just moving firewood around your property, a flatbed trailer might do the trick. If you need to haul sand or gravel often, a tub-style trailer will be most practical. If your needs vary, you won’t regret investing in a trailer with removable bed rails.
  • Tow Vehicle: You need to make sure whichever vehicle you intend to tow with is set up to pull an off-road trailer. Most quads and UTVs come ready to pull, but you may find some older lawn tractors might not have a proper hitch for hooking up a trailer. If not, you can pay a welding shop to attach a bracket, but this will be an added cost. Consult your owner’s manual for maximum towing capacity as well.

Best Off-Road Trailers Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Our Best Overall Pick for Off-Road Trailers is the Yutrax Trail Warrior X2 Heavy-Duty. It has a 1,250-pound capacity, so hard work isn’t an issue. The Yutrax is made of durable steel, and it has removable side rails and large tires for extra ground clearance. 

There are quite a few features about this trailer that we like. Yutrax designed the Trail Warrior X2 with a pivoting mesh bed. That makes unloading this trailer much easier in tight spots. Also, it has removable bed rails, making it more versatile than other styles. In addition, the larger tires will benefit you when you take it onto some rough terrain.

There are a few drawbacks about the Trail Warrior X2, however. We aren’t big fans of mesh beds, and this has one. What this means is that small debris like gravel and sand can’t be loaded onto the trailer without first throwing a tarp inside. Several users also complain that assembly is an issue, stating that incorrect parts were sent with their trailer. The small size has also been a problem for many users who thought it would be larger.

The Agri-Fab Utility Tow-Behind Cart deserves its Best Value spot in this list of Best Off-Road Trailers. This tub-style trailer comes with a 750-pound load capacity for hauling most of your load off-road. It also has a dump feature to make unloading easy.

We like a few things about the Agri-Fab Utility Tow Behind Trailer. First, we appreciate the dump feature. Filling up a load of heavy material can really tire you out, and being able to step on a dump release and tip the cart back to unload it is a welcome relief. It also has 16-inch tires, so getting off the road and into the dirt isn’t an issue. Also, the scratch-resistant bed should require little maintenance.

However, this tub-style trailer does have a few issues we’d like to disclose. For one, this trailer is solid on all sides. The sides don’t come off, and there’s no tailgate to drop down in the rear. That makes loading the Agri-Fab more difficult than the other trailers on the list. Also, the bed is solid steel with no drain holes. That’s good for transporting sand, rocks, and gravel, but it can hold water if left uncovered outside. Also, if the scratch-resistant finish in the bed fails, it will begin to rust.

Our Honorable Mention choice is the Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart. This trailer has a maximum payload of 1,400 pounds, so it gets the job done. It has a removable liner on a steel mesh bed, so hauling smaller material is possible. The Gorilla Cart is equipped with removable sides, making it very versatile.

If you have heavy hauling to do, this cart might be the right choice. We like that it has removable sides and a removable bed liner. Those two features make it extremely flexible for easily carrying anything from gravel to firewood. Also, the 1,400-pound capacity is hard to match at this price. The two-in-one handle makes it easy to quickly switch from manual to machine hauling.

The major drawbacks to this trailer are centered around shipping and construction materials. Several users have ordered their carts and had them delivered only to find that they were missing essential parts. This can be frustrating at any price point. Also, the trailer hitch could benefit from a heavier-duty material.


  • Consider the types of items you plan to transport in your off-road trailer. Loose materials, such as sand or mulch, may fall out of the spaces provided by steel mesh trailers.
  • Consider the terrain you will be working on. Pneumonic tires are the best for mobility across all terrains. Pneumonic tires are airtight with a steel inner lining, which makes them perfect for off-roading. 
  • Think about the vehicle you plan to attach the trailer too. Take note of the carrying capacity of the vehicle itself and where and how you plan to attach the trailer. 


Q: What is the difference between an off-road trailer and a normal pull-behind trailer?

A: An off-road trailer is meant to be attached to the back of an off-road vehicle. Off-road trailers are more equipped for different terrains and have more flexible wheels to maximize mobility.

Q: Can I use an off-road trailer on the road? 

A: Most off-road trailers are not stable and will not follow the vehicle in a straight line on the road, which can be a safety hazard. 

Q: What is the best type of off-road trailer for a farm?

A: The trailer should have a solid body if daily tasks include moving mulch or other items that can easily fall and leave debris. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best off-road trailer is the Yutrax Trail Warrior X2 Heavy Duty. This trailer is heavy-duty and versatile.

A more budget-friendly option is the Agri-Fab Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart.

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