Best Anti Rattle Hitch Devices: Eliminate Annoying Trailer Noise

Cut down on trailer hitch noises with one of these top anti-rattle stabilizers

byDaniel Rika, Sam Chapman| UPDATED Jun 15, 2020 7:03 PM
Best Anti Rattle Hitch Devices: Eliminate Annoying Trailer Noise

Anti-rattle hitch devices are simple attachments that stop hitches from making rattling sounds while the vehicle is in motion. They come in several different forms, including wedges, sleeves, and pins, each of which is designed to tighten down the hitch until it can’t rattle around anymore. Anti-rattle devices exist for every kind of vehicle and weight, from bicycles and sedans all the way up to major cargo carriers. There’s no reason you should have to be bothered by noise from your rattling hitch any longer, so read on to find the best products to quiet it down.


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  • Wedges, tightening sleeves, and locking pins all work in different ways and work to protect different types of hitches. Longer locking pins work best for larger hitches since they might have too much free space to clamp down on smaller ones. Wedges, which tighten against the outside of a sleeve, are a cheaper option that might not work for long. Sleeves have the highest versatility.
  • Measure your hitch before buying an anti-rattle device. They don’t all fit every size of hitch, and you don’t want to end up having to return it because it doesn’t fit your vehicle.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your anti-rattle device, including re-tightening if necessary. If it looks like it isn’t working like it used to, or you begin to hear noises again, don’t hesitate to take advantage of lifetime warranties.


Q: How do anti-rattle hitch devices work?

A: All types of hitch stabilizers work by limiting the hitch’s freedom to move. Imagine putting your hand on a part of your dashboard or cup holder to keep it from rattling while you drive—it’s the same principle. Sleeves tighten over the hitch to cut off its range of motion while locking pins work by replacing a part of the hitch itself with one better built for a quiet drive.

Q: Will a hitch stabilizer affect the amount of weight I can tow?

A: No. An anti-rattle device will neither increase nor limit the size of the load you can tow. Devices that work with two-inch hitches will be built to withstand the force of a full-size cargo trailer but aren’t strong enough to raise carrying capacity. Make sure you know how much your vehicle can tow because it won’t change.

Q: Will anti-rattle stabilizers stop all noise from my trailer?

A: No. It will only stop the noise that originates directly from the hitch. If something else is rattling, that’s a problem with either your vehicle or your cargo, and since all the excess noise should be quieted down by the trailer, you’ll know it’s probably important to check out.

Final Thoughts

If you want to cut down on annoying rattling noises from your trailer hitch, we recommend LIBBERRWAY’s 304 Stainless Steel Hitch Tightener, a flexible product that’ll last you for years. If you’re looking for an even better value, the lower-cost stabilizing sleeve from Orion Motor Tech is also a good choice.