Best Air Horns: Enhance the Safety of Your Truck

Stay safe while on the road with the loud sound of an air horn

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BYDorian Smith-Garcia/ LAST UPDATED ON September 10, 2023

Driving a truck poses some unique challenges that don’t come with sedans and SUVs. Your truck may often feature a slower reaction time when it comes to sudden stops or acceleration. You might need enhanced safety features to protect yourself and motorists that are sharing the road with you. One way to give advanced warning to other motorists is with an air horn. We’ve rounded up some of the best air horns that you can use to make driving your truck safer. Plus, we’ve got smart tips to help you shop for the best air horns for your vehicle.

Best Overall

Super Loud Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn


A solid budget option for motorists who want enhanced sound on their vehicles. The Marco Tornado air horn is a complete installation kit that will work on any vehicle, including boats and motorcycles.

  • Dual-tone system will reach up to 151 decibels and can be mounted anywhere on your vehicle
  • Installation is easy
  • Durably constructed
  • One of the biggest issues is the sound output. Rather than bold tones, it can sound like a cheaper air horn canister
  • Installation can be complex. In particular, mounting the horn can be difficult due to incompatible hardware and pre-drilled holes
Best Value

GAMPRO 12V 150db Air Horn


Gampro’s air horn is made of quality chrome-plated zinc. It features a compressor with a copper coil. It has a customized safety relay, is easy to install, and does not rust. 

  • Air horn is very loud, producing 150 decibels of sound
  • Ideal for any 12-volt vehicle or water vessel 
  • Can stand up to extreme weather
  • If you apply full pressure, you might frighten everyone on the road
  • Some users have complained that it isn’t as loud as OEM horns
  • Doesn't have a long lifespan
Honorable Mention

Zento Deals 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn


A single horn design that offers robust sound and a complete installation kit for easy setup. You’ll like the metal construction on the horn, which is designed to withstand extreme weather.

  • Horn is designed to reach up to 150 decibels
  • This is a versatile pick that can be mounted on any kind of vehicle
  • Because installation is so easy, you can quickly remove this air horn from one vehicle and mount it on another in no time
  • Weather may impact the reliability of this air horn. In particular, cold weather will weaken the decibel levels that it can achieve
  • Quality control may also be an issue, as some shoppers may receive horns that look pre-used and show signs of age and weathering

Summary List

Types of Air Horns


An air horn produces sound waves at different frequencies, depending on its size, girth, and length. A low-frequency model produces sound frequencies with a low pitch. However, the sound is loud and effective. This type of horn is mostly used in cruise ships, semi-trucks, or cargo freighters. It alerts everyone of the approaching vehicle or vessel. The sound produced travels farther more quickly and effectively. If you’re an outdoors person or own a big truck or a water vessel, we recommend getting a low-frequency air horn.


Unlike a low-frequency horn, a high-frequency horn is very high-pitched. However, most people find it annoying because of the high-pitched sound it produces. It is also not very effective because the sound it produces doesn’t travel far. You may have to tap the horn multiple times for the sound to travel far. A high-frequency horn is commonly used at sporting events and is also found in small compact vehicles. 

Best Air Horns: Reviews & Recommendations

Designed to be easy to install, this air horn can be used in trucks, motorcycles, and cars. It comes with an air compressor for quick and easy installation. Also, thanks to its design, you can install it in any location. Most truckers install it to replace the OEM horn. It is made of plastic and is quite durable. Additionally, its all-black design works well in most vehicles. The air horn was tested in a lab before being released to the market and passed a loudness test. It has a maximum sound level of 150 decibels, thanks to its powerful compressor. It is also easy to install because clear instructions are included. The manufacturer also gives a one-year warranty, so you can buy the product with confidence. 

If you often get driven off the road by dangerous drivers or you’re tired of cars getting too close as you ride your motorcycle, get this Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn. Its sound output is excellent and it’s louder than a stock air horn. The company includes a detailed diagram on the back of the box showing exactly how it should be wired to a vehicle. However, you may have difficulty finding a good mounting place for it. Also, if you install it facing forward, it will stop working if it gets rained on.

If you want serious volume from your horn, you need to get one with a compressor. A compressor produces a powerful sound and lets people know you’re coming before you get there. The Gampro air horn uses a copper terminal, unlike most compressors on the market which use an iron terminal. Its cables are made of copper, giving it a durable profile even in extreme conditions. The air horn is made entirely of metal and sports a black shade. It can stand up to extreme weather and does not rust. It produces a noise of 150dB which is ideal for all vehicles and situations. You can install it in a truck and on smaller vehicles like off-road cars. To make the installation process easy for you, Gampro ships mounting hardware, a wired relay plug, an inline fuse holder, and a manual with the air horn.

However, when using this air horn, don’t apply full pressure because you might scare everyone else off of the road. We only recommend using it when you need it. The horn fits any 12-volt machine—a truck, SUV, off-road vehicle, bus, car, motorcycle, boat, or yacht. But there have been a few complaints from some users that the air horn isn’t louder than some OEM horns. It also doesn’t last very long.

This air horn is one of the most efficient in its class. It blasts out a loud and powerful warning. It is made of high-quality chrome and produces a more powerful sound than plastic horns. It can be installed in cars, trucks, vans, and tractors, and is also ideal for motorcycles and boats. Also, because it is easy to install and uninstall, you can use it in different vehicles and vessels. The air horn can keep animals off the road and warn pedestrians and other drivers. You can mount this Zento Deals horn on any machine with 12V DC power. One of its advantages is it doesn’t require an air system because it comes with its small compressor. The only thing you need is power connectivity. The horn comes with basic mounting hardware for easy installation. Its build quality is great and worth it for the price.

The air horn is powerful and catches everyone's attention with its 150dB noise level. It keeps reckless drivers away from you and alerts pedestrians to be careful. But because of its powerful sound production, it should be used with caution. If you’re a trucker, avoid using the air horn in areas with hospitals and schools. It also has one major downside: It produces a squeak in cold weather since it’s mounted outside.

Designed to be one of the most compact air horns in the industry, this horn excellently performs the task it was created for. It has a powerful sound output and will give you the attention you need on the road or in critical situations. You should consider getting it if you want a horn with a simple design. The horn features a trumpet design and is ideal for performance-oriented drivers who prioritize safety and quality. It is specifically designed for Volkswagen and Audi cars (model years 2001-2013) and comes with a connector for the two car models. Its sound level lies between 105 and 118 dB and it needs 12V DC to function optimally.

Hella sells one high-tone horn (500Hz) and one low-tone horn (400Hz) in a set to give you value for your money. However, even the high-tone horn isn’t very loud because most loud horns produce 150dB. Also, the manufacturer doesn't provide instructions or wiring diagrams, making installation difficult.

The Kleinn Air Horns for trains have a deep sound that can be heard from very far, mainly due to their design. They have longer trumpets that can produce a distinct sound. Unlike single-trumpet air horns, they produce a more powerful sound because there are two. Kleinn designed the 220 air horns for use in trains, but they can also be used in trucks. Also, their convenient design isn’t the only thing worth talking about. The air horns have a 150-PSI sealed air system and a chrome finish. They are 15.5 inches and 10.5 inches long and come with mounting brackets and solenoids for easy installation. Because they are mounted separately, they are extremely loud. The 1.5-gallon air tank that powers the air horns is made in the USA.

However, handling the cord for this air horn system will expose you to lead, a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive issues. You have to wash your hands thoroughly after handling it. The horns are also very loud and may be difficult to install—the process may take the whole day.

Our Verdict

For the safety-obsessed, we recommend the Super Loud Marco Tornado Compact Air Horn, which produces a robust sound. 

Budget shoppers or first-time air horn installers will appreciate the GAMPRO 12V 150db Air Horn, which offers a dual-tone system and strong decibel levels.

Benefits of Air Horns

  • Frighten aggressive wildlife. When you’re outdoors hiking, hunting, skiing, canoeing, or fishing, an air horn can help frighten unwanted or aggressive wildlife. Coyotes get scared and dislike the loud noise they produce. Since portable air horns can be heard from a mile away, they are an effective tool for keeping coyotes away.
  • Increase your safety. An air horn is very loud and alerts people of your vehicle or vessel, helping you steer clear of accidents. It can be used in large trucks, SUVs, boats, ships, and trains. You can also keep other people safe by alerting them in case there’s something dangerous nearby.
  • Multipurpose. These versatile object that can be used in different applications. If you regularly go to sporting events, you can use your air horn to root for your team. The device can also be used in ambulances as a warning device and on ships for signaling.

Air Horn Pricing

  • $22-$50: These air horns are ideal for different vehicles and water vessels. They may be high-frequency or low-frequency horns and are usually very easy to install and use.
  • $50-$100: Most of the horns in this price range have air compressors with large coils for better sound production. Some are sold in pairs and offer great value for the money.

Key Features


Air horns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed to look like trumpets while others are short and compact. The only thing they have in common is a round trumpeted end where the sound comes out from. The design of an air horn determines its sound production. However, it’s almost impossible to know what a horn sounds like before installing it. To get a rough idea, you can ask the manufacturer or read user reviews. The model you buy should also be easy to install.

Sound Production

Most people buy air horns for their volume. Therefore, even a small, compact model must produce incredible sound. If you often go hiking or hunting, get a low-frequency horn that will scare predators and clear paths quickly. If all you want is one for your vessel or truck, get one that is audible from great distances. The further the horn can be heard, the better. A high-frequency horn can be great for cars. It helps you to avoid close calls and keeps dangerous drivers at bay.

Power Connectivity

Air horns for vehicles, locomotives, and water vessels need a power source to work—that’s why they come with a 12V outlet. The power usually comes from the automobile’s battery. Some horns are connected to the steering wheel and are activated when a button is pressed. Buses and trucks may use both electric and pneumatic model that are selectable by pressing a switch on the dashboard. This helps prevent the use of a powerful air horn in populated areas.

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Installation. If it is hard to install, it may be harder to use. To find out if a horn is hard to install, read reviews written by people who have used the product.
  • Usage. Before buying, consider how you’ll use it first. If you simply want a horn you can use at sports events, get a foghorn that doesn’t cost a lot of money. But if you plan to install the horn in a boat or a truck, be prepared to spend more money because high-quality horns cost more.


  • A good air horn should be easy to install. Truck air horns tend to feature straightforward designs that easily integrate into a vehicle’s existing system. Avoid models with complicated installation instructions or configurations. 
  • Check with your state or municipality’s regulations regarding after-market air horns. While most states allow them, there might be specifications that you must follow to stay compliant. 
  • Before using your air horns in real-life situations, test the horn first to confirm that it offers the warning you’re hoping to achieve. The last thing you want is to use yours during an emergency and discover that it’s not as loud or effective as you had hoped. 


Q: Is there a decibel rating that I should target for my air horn?

Look for truck air horns that can reach levels of up to 150 decibels. At this sound level, you can be confident that even over background noise, road noise, or loud music; other motorists will hear your horn. Avoid air horns that exceed 150 decibels as they can be dangerous. 

Q: Which air horn design is best for my truck?

An important factor to consider is if the design is compatible with your truck. In some cases, air horns must be mounted under the truck, while in other scenarios, you can mount them somewhere more visible. Designs range from a single horn to multiple horns for a more robust sound. 

Q: Which air horn design is best for my truck?

An important factor to consider is if the design is compatible with your truck. In some cases, air horns must be mounted under the truck, while in other scenarios, you can mount them somewhere more visible. Designs range from a single horn to multiple horns for a more robust sound. 

Q: Should I pick a metal or plastic design for my air horn?

Metal construction is usually better for deeper notes, while plastic can be ideal for mid-range notes. Whether you opt for plastic or metal, focus on a durable, weather-resistant construction. 

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