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Best AGM Battery Chargers: Restore Your Vehicle Batteries

Save time and money with these efficient AGM battery chargers

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BY/ LAST UPDATED ON January 12, 2021

Over time, vehicle batteries lose their charge, especially if you don’t use them on a daily basis. However, if you find yourself with a low or dead battery, you don’t have to spend cash on a brand new one. An AGM battery charger can restore power back to your cells, so you can drive another day. If you want to save some money and keep your battery going, check out these AGM battery chargers.

Best Overall

BMK BLUEMICKEY 12 Volt Portable Battery Charger and Maintainer


This five-amp AGM battery charger is able to detect a defective battery before charging. It has four stages of automatic charging to indicate the quantity of electricity and monitor the entire charging process.


It's able to charge batteries quickly and efficiently, featuring a constant pulse current maintenance to avoid overcharging and discharges. The high-quality rubber material is also fully waterproof.


This charger is not as versatile as comparable models on the market. Five amps of current can be too much for bulk charging smaller batteries.

Best Value

Battery Tender 12 Volt Automatic Battery Charger


Charges all maintenance-free 12-volt AGM and gel cell batteries. Four-step charging gives your battery optimized power without the danger of overcharging.


Reverse polarity protection. It will not spark when you connect the leads. Twelve-foot output cord. Two-color LED charge indicator.


Not waterproof as advertised. The unit may not last very long.

Honorable Mention

NOCO GENIUS1 Fully-Automatic Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer


A powerful, rugged, and portable one-amp AGM battery charger. It can be used with all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, and boats.


In addition to a battery charger and battery maintainer, it also functions as a trickle charger plus a battery desulfator. A built-in thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and changes the charge to prevent over-charging in warm weather and under-charging in cold conditions.


Due to the one-amp current, it takes longer than usual to charge a dead battery. It would be more efficient to buy a product with a higher current if you need to quickly charge your battery.

Best AGM Battery Chargers: Restore Your Vehicle Batteries

Benefits of an AGM Battery Charger

  • Battery longevity. Charging and then keeping your battery fully charged goes a long way toward making it last longer, especially under extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • AGM specific. AGM battery chargers are designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically to address AGM battery characteristics. This gives you a charger that is tailored to your AGM battery’s requirements.
  • Power when you need it. If you keep your battery in your motorboat, ATV, or motorcycle fully charged, the vehicle will be ready to go when you want to use it. There’s no need to wait for a recharge.

Types of AGM Battery Chargers

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This type is in the middle of different types. This charger does not recharge a battery that is drained completely, but it also does not restore battery cells to their former healthy state. Using this battery charger will help a battery that still has some power in it from running out of power completely while providing some cell maintenance.


This battery charger is the type most buyers should consider. The industry considered it more or less a standard because it handles many battery types, and the most varied amperages and voltages. This charger is less expensive than more specialized versions.


As part of its function, this battery charger reconditions the battery so it can again take a charge. It does this by using some of its charging energy to realign battery cell elements and break down contaminants. A good type of battery charger for fleets and companies that have vehicles where the batteries frequently need restoring. 

Top Brands


Joseph Henry Nook established this company in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was looking for a formula that would prevent battery corrosion. After hundreds of attempts, he found the correct one and the company took off. In addition to battery chargers, the company produces solar panels, jump starters, and portable power units. The main office remains in Cleveland. Research and development is in Phoenix, Ariz., with other branches in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Check out the Genius 10 charger and the Boost Plus charger. 

Battery Tender

This family company began in 1965. Deltran Battery Tender continues to be located in Leland, Fla., where it designs, engineers, manufacturers, and distributes microprocessor-controlled products. In addition to battery chargers, these include batteries, jump starters, solar panels, inverters, and electronic accessories. Popular battery chargers include the Battery Tender Plus and the Weather Proof Battery Charger.


Schumacher Electric Corporation began operation in 1947. It is located in Mount Prospect, Ill., where in addition to battery chargers, it designs and manufactures batteries and battery testers, jump starters, and power converters, among other products. It is also active in NHRA racing. Schumacher products for the private vehicle owner and for professionals alike include the Rapid Battery Charger and Maintainer and the ProSeries Charger and Engine Starter

Best AGM Battery Charger Pricing

  • $20-$50. These are great chargers for charging 12-volt flooded, lead-acid, and sealed maintenance-free batteries, both gel cell and AGM. They often include an 80-hour safety timer.
  • $50-$100. These chargers improve longevity and performance and will keep your vehicle batteries maintained and full-charged all year long. They’re also great for use on batteries in long-term storage. 
  • $100-$200. These chargers are USB-port compatible, which means they are a good fit  for charging tablets, smartphones, and cameras. 

Key Features


Manufacturers place super-thin fiberglass mats between the plates inside the battery. The plates are infused with battery acid as much as 95 percent. The process packs the mats tightly between the plates and then lightly presses them. This produces a battery that is less prone to vibration, which allows the battery to last longer.


If the battery is constructed so there’s little vibration, it means it is less likely to break down, too. A battery that is unlikely to fall apart or explode is an obviously a safer battery.


There are a number of different battery designs in use in today’s vehicles. AGM battery chargers are made specifically to address AGM battery characteristics. If an AGM battery is not charged properly with the right equipment, it may discharge too fast and become unusable. If you charge an AGM improperly, it can also lead to overheating the cells and to the battery’s destruction.

Other Considerations

  • Type of charger. Research the type of AGM charger you need. There exists a vast difference between a charger that charges, for example, cell phone batteries or truck batteries compared to one the charges car batteries.
  • Quality. Research and read the reviews to determine if the AGM charger you’re thinking of buying is made by a reputable company and works the way it’s supposed to.
  • Price. There’s no sense in spending $100 when you can spend $49 and get a charger that’s going to do the job very well. On the other hand, you may want to spend a few more dollars to buy a better AGM battery charger than one that has a questionable operational record.

Best AGM Battery Charger Reviews & Recommendations 2020

This versatile charger has spark-proof lead connections, reverse polarity protection, and a 12-foot output cord. It’s great for charging 12-volt lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries (both AGM and gel cell), and flooded batteries. 

The recommended four-step charging program helps prevent overcharging and gives you optimum power. After the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically switches to float mode. A solid-state color LED indicator tells you the state of the charge; if the battery’s voltage dips excessively under load, full output begins again.

Be careful around moist conditions. The manufacturer indicates the charger is waterproof, but some users state that it isn’t. Other buyers have reported the unit works good for a time but stops working way too soon and should last longer.

This is a versatile charger that is compatible with all lead-acid, flooded, or sealed batteries. You can use it for maintaining and charging motorcycles, cars, ATVs, RVs, boats, and more. Thanks to the compact design, it's easy to transport and store, so you can keep the charger within hand's reach just in case. 

The battery is automatic and very easy to use. It has a four-step charging program that includes initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, and float mode. All you need to do is connect it to your vehicle's battery. The built-in LED indicators let you know about the charging status, even in maintenance mode. 

Another great thing about this charger is the fact that it comes with overheat protection. There's also an eight-foot long cord and a two-year warranty for more security.

The charger does have a couple of drawbacks, however. The main one concerns the quality of the clamps. They are a little flimsy, so you might need to put in some extra effort to secure them properly. The minor issue is with the instructions, which might be difficult to read and understand.

If you're searching for a powerful AGM charger, you might want to take a look at this one from NOCO. It's a 12-amp device that is highly efficient in diagnosing, recovering, recharging, and maintaining different battery types. You can use it on all lead-acid batteries from 20 to 120 Ah, including wet and deep-cycle batteries. 

What makes this charger even better is its rugged exterior. The unit features a sturdy housing that is rated IP68 and NEMA 6P. That means it's waterproof and protected from outdoor threats such as reverse polarity, ignition, overcharge, and more. All in all, the charger is built to last and will safely charge and maintain batteries.  

The installation is pretty straightforward, and the unit is easy to use. The package includes a comprehensive manual and a five-year warranty in case you run into any issues. 

Still, it's not one of those compact chargers you can place in the palm of your hand. The NOCO charger is big and heavy, and you'll need to mount it accordingly. Also, you might need to buy the mounting screws separately. Some customers noticed that the included ones feel quite flimsy.

DieHard is widely popular for producing all kinds of battery chargers. The DH137 is a 12V battery charger that is efficient and reliable. It's able to monitor and maintain a fully-charged battery and charge a completely drained one. Thanks to the multi-stage charging process, it's highly accurate and safe for the battery. 

The charger works on AGM and gel batteries and is protected from ignition, water, dirt, and more. The unit is also compact and lightweight, which means it's highly portable and ideal if you're on the go. The overall design is quite simple, so you shouldn't have issues with figuring out how the unit works. There are LED indicators to inform you about the ongoing processes, and the button controls are rather intuitive. 

However, this unit is not a perfect option if you're looking for a quick charger. The DieHard DH137 works slowly, so be prepared to wait about two days to recharge fully drained batteries. Also, there have been a few complaints regarding the small clamps. They are a little difficult to attach to large battery cable clamps.

Schumacher offers a 12V unit you can use to charge and maintain different battery types, including AGM and gel batteries. It's fully automatic, easy to use, and ideal for long-term use. With the SP1356 you get to keep your batteries at peak power and ready to use all the time. 

The unit offers multi-stage charging, auto voltage detection, and reverse hook-up protection. All of these features ensure more precision and safety for both the charger and the battery. You'll be able to charge your vehicles in a breeze. The clamp and ring terminal adapters are easy to connect, and the package includes convenient instructions in case you run into any issues. Additionally, the unit is rather compact and highly portable. There's even a hook that lets you hang the unit for storage.

The main drawback of this unit concerns the quality of the housing. A lot of users complain about the flimsy construction, so you might need to keep the charger indoors. Also, keep in mind that this unit might fail in recharging completely drained batteries. 

Optima offers a 12V unit that can charge and maintain drained and stored batteries. You can use it on all lead-acid batteries, especially AGM and flooded batteries. The unit is powerful, reliable, and is very efficient in prolonging the lives of all kinds of batteries. 

The charger features a simple design and is very easy to figure out. The instructions resolve all possible issues, and the installation is pretty straightforward. Considering how compact and lightweight the unit is, you won't have issues with transportation and storage either. 

Also, the charger is built to last and features a convenient display that shows all information about the ongoing processes. There's even a USB charging port that is compatible with smartphones, cameras, and tablets. 

Although handy and efficient, this charger does have a few drawbacks. First, it takes quite some time to fully recharge drained batteries. You might want to consider other options for quick recharges. Second, the LED indicators on the unit are difficult to read, especially under direct sunlight. 

This is a convenient 12V charger suitable for all kinds of lead-acid batteries, including wet and AGM batteries. It's an automatic unit that features four charging modes for precise and safe charging. Along with powering up drained batteries, it can diagnose and maintain stored ones. 

The charger is rather compact and lightweight, which makes it quite handy for emergencies. Thanks to its high portability, you can keep it within hand's reach all the time. The charger is also very simple and easy to use. Even a beginner can figure it out in a few minutes. 

Additionally, the charger is shock- and dust-proof. It features a sturdy housing that can withstand quite some abuse and makes the charger suitable for outdoor conditions. One thing is certain: this charger is built to last. 

What can be a drawback with this product is the price. Although it's not extremely expensive, the charger might be too pricey for those who are on a limited budget. Also, the cigarette lighter accessory is not compatible with all vehicle models. Make sure to double check whether it will fit your vehicle before you buy it.

Last but not least, there's the Ampeak charger. It's a reliable charger suitable for most lead-acid batteries, including gel, AGM, and STD. It can diagnose, maintain, and recharge all kinds of vehicles. 

The unit is incredibly easy to use. It comes with a comprehensive manual, although the design is so simple you probably won't need it. The charger works automatically and features multi-stage charging for more precision and safety. 

Additionally, the compact and lightweight housing doesn't come at the expense of durability, so you'll be using the charger for quite some time. There's overvoltage, overheating, and short circuit protection to ensure smooth processes and a long lifespan. 

One thing to keep in mind with this charger is that it can't charge batteries that are low or completely drained. If you need a charger for vehicles that are stored for a long time, this might not be a perfect option. Also, the clamps tend to loosen up on the battery, so you might need to tighten them frequently.


  • Always clean the battery cables before you use or charge them. Debris and dirt can build up under the clamps and reduce the amount of energy transfer.
  • If you spot a white powder on the battery terminals, it is dried sulfuric acid. The powder can burn your skin, so consider wearing gloves when handling the battery.
  • Make sure you know which cable is the positive and which one is negative to properly charge your battery. A “plus” stands for positive while a “minus” stands for negative. Many are also color-coded to make things easier.


Q: What does AGM stand for?

A: AGM means absorbed glass mat, and it’s a specific type of lead-acid battery. It absorbs the sulfuric acid with a very fine fiberglass mat and makes the battery spill-proof. They typically have a much lower internal resistance and are capable of delivering high currents on demand.

Q: Will jump-starting a vehicle charge the battery?

A: Technically, yes, but it isn’t a full charge. You may be able to drive the vehicle until you turn it off again, but eventually, it may die again. Battery chargers are designed to charge the battery completely.

Q: How do I clean the battery terminals?

A: To properly clean away any sulfuric acid residue from the terminals, use a thick wire brush. Once the powder is wiped away, spray the terminals with an anti-corrosion spray to reduce the amount of acid that appears on them. Always wait until the spray is dry to connect the battery charger.

Final Thoughts

For a strong and successful charge to your battery, consider the BMK BLUEMICKEY 12 Volt Portable Battery Charger and Maintainer. For a versatile but less expensive option, consider the Battery Tender 12 Volt Automatic Battery Charger.