Best In-Dash DVD Player: Our Top Picks to Make Your Car Fun

An in-dash DVD player is a great, multifunctional addition to your vehicle

byAustin Fracchia, Katherine Rother|
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BYAustin Fracchia, Katherine Rother/ LAST UPDATED ON October 14, 2021

In-dash DVD players are one of the many exciting developments in the automotive world in recent years. These multifunctional devices add not only convenience to your center console, but they can also make your car more family-friendly. Finding the right model can be a challenge, so read on to find out everything you need to know about the best car in-dash DVD players.

Best Overall
JVC 6.8" Double DIN Bluetooth in-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM/Digital Media Car Stereo

JVC 6.8" Double DIN Bluetooth in-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM/Digital Media Car Stereo

This 6.8-inch double DIN stereo has a resistive touchscreen. Features include a rearview camera, SiriusXM capability, and Bluetooth compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.
The stereo is very user friendly, and you can connect two phones at once. It works with most Bluetooth devices, and the external microphone provides clear communication.
There can be a delay when you're changing the menu. The backup camera doesn't work as well at night, and the microphone needs to be adjusted when placing a call.
Best Value

Pioneer Double Din Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver

This 6.2-inch double-DIN stereo has a WVGA resistive touchscreen. You can play DVDs, CD, AM/FM radio channels, and SiriusXM. It has an RMS of 14 watts x four channels.
The stereo sounds really good and is simple to install. The settings are user friendly, and you can turn the display off at night. There's no lag, and it's a great price.
DVDs will not play from the screen when the vehicle is in motion. It also has a poor AM signal and won't play certain music or video files.
Honorable Mention

Kenwood 6.2-Inch Double-DIN In-Dash DVD Receiver

This 6.2-inch double-DIN stereo has integrated Apple CarPlay for navigation, messaging, and music apps. It features a resistive touchscreen and is SiriusXM ready. It also has 30,000 color combinations.
It sounds really good and is easy to install. It also features a volume knob, which is quite rare, and comes with equalizer and crossover settings. There's also very little lag when switching screens.
Some settings don't work unless the parking brake is engaged. The screen has a lot of glare during the day, and there's no mute button.

Why Buy an In-Dash DVD Player?

  • Media playback. Passengers can use the in-dash DVD player to watch their choice of videos, from DVDs to YouTube. You can also play MP3 and streaming music via Bluetooth, CD, USB, or SD card, giving you plenty of options for entertainment. Apps like Spotify and Pandora can also be used in addition to the basic car stereo.
  • Easy use. The majority of units on the market have a touchscreen display, making them easy and convenient to use. Some even come with hands-free calling to answer phone calls via Bluetooth connectivity. As an added bonus, you’ll also give your car a major, modern upgrade at the same time.
  • Built-in navigation. A lot of in-dash DVD players are available with built-in GPS navigation. This is a useful feature if you tend to be on the road a lot and need access to navigation without another device. It also keeps your hands free since you don’t need to pull up a dedicated app on your phone.
  • Fun on road trips. If you often go on long trips, you know that they can become a bit dull. With an in-dash DVD player, not only can you play movies and videos for passengers—especially good for keeping kids entertained—you can also play music or the radio.


Single DIN

A single DIN head unit takes up one standard slot in a car’s center console. Common with car radios and stereos, this size is less typical with in-dash DVD players given its two-inch-height limitation. A few models manage to deploy the screen from within the unit, keeping it retracted and out of sight when not in use. 

Double DIN

These units are twice as big as single DIN units in terms of height and are ideal for larger center consoles. Thanks to the height, the screen is fixed to the front panel and is easier to see from the back seat. Most units come with an amplifier, a screen, and a DVD player. 

Top Brands


Founded in 1938, Pioneer has been around for decades, making high-quality, multifunctional audio products. In-car speakers and players are among their most well-known products. Headquartered in Torrance, California, their bestsellers include the AVH-2300NEX and the AVH-210EX


For 30 years, BOSS has been a market leader in audio and visual products, manufacturing a number of different models. They continue to innovate great products from their Oxnard, California headquarters. Their top products include the BVC-P9675A and the BV-9963I.


Besides making camcorders and other visual equipment, JVC also makes car entertainment systems that feature the latest and greatest technology. Headquartered in Long Beach, California, JVC has been around for over 80 years. Top products from their line include the KWV140BT and the KW-M24BT


  • $100-$150: At this price, you’ll mostly find smaller, single-DIN units with limited features. Depending on the brand, they might have a touchscreen and navigation system, but these are more common in higher-end models.
  • $200-$250: The mid-range offers more bang for your buck. Typical features include navigation systems, high-quality touchscreens, and a variety of media inputs, like Bluetooth and USB.
  • Above $300: In this price range, you’ll find many large and small players with a number of high-tech features, including GPS, Bluetooth, and high-resolution screens. The build quality of these options will be significantly better as well.

Key Features

Screen Size

When comparing models, pay attention to the size of the screen. Most range from six to seven inches, but they do go up to nine inches or more. Large screens, if you have the space, are useful for entertainment and navigation features.


The whole goal of adding an in-dash DVD player is to get some multifunctionality to make your life a little easier. That translates into having many devices connected to the player. Some also have built-in apps that communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to sync your address book or read text messages through text-to-voice. Units compatible with steering-wheel controls also offer another way to access the controls.

Screen Resolution

Excellent, at-a-glance visibility is what you’re looking for, no matter what size screen you end up choosing. Higher resolutions have sharper images, making the screen easier to see and use.

Other Considerations

  • Unit size. Consider the amount of space you have in the center console for an in-dash DVD player. Some units will be designed for larger consoles in larger cars. Single DINs fit best in compact cars up to crossovers, while double DINs are better for SUVs, trucks, and other larger vehicles.
  • Detachable front. This is a great deterrent for would-be thieves. With any model where the front plate clicks off, you can take the plate with you when you park somewhere. Since the head unit won’t work without the front, this is a great anti-theft deterrent.
  • Extra features. Many models come with a number of built-in features and apps. This includes major features, like GPS, a CD player, remote control, and high-end satellite radio, and apps that allow you to control things like your online music from the player directly.

Best In-Dash DVD Players Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Pioneer's double-DIN stereo features a 6.2-inch Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) resistive touch screen. The stereo accommodates DVDs, CDs, AM/FM radio, and SiriusXM. It has a peak power output of 50 watts x four channels and an RMS of 14 watts x four channels.

This stereo is easy to install and sounds great. You can customize the colors to match your vehicle's interior, and most settings are intuitive. The dimming feature is a nice touch, and you can turn the display off completely at night. The DVD player works well, the Bluetooth connection is solid, and the microphone is great for hands-free calls while driving. Also, there's no lag when you switch menus. Overall, it's a great radio for the money.

Unfortunately, it won't play DVDs on the screen unless additional screens are attached to it; the front screen won't play movies while the car is in motion. Also, it won't play certain music and video files, and the AM signal is not very good.

This 6.2-inch double-DIN DVD receiver has Apple CarPlay that displays navigation from Waze or Google Maps as well as messages and music apps. You can plug in your iPhone or use Bluetooth. It is SiriusXM ready and has a resistive touchscreen. You can adjust the viewing angle and change the background by selecting one of its 30,000 color combinations.

This stereo works really well, and there are instructions about installation readily available online. It's a great head unit if you like using a volume knob and want to play DVDs. It has both equalizer and crossover settings and overall solid sound quality. It nicely fuses together technology and ease of use. The touchscreen response is also very good without much lag.

One downside is that you can't access certain settings unless the parking brake is engaged. Also, in sunlight, the screen may produce a lot of glare, so you may have to fiddle with the backlighting during the day and at night. It also lacks a mute button.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your In-Dash DVD Player

  • If your new in-dash DVD player seems laggy after installation, check that the firmware is updated. There may be an update that fixes the issue in the most current version.
  • Some units are tricky to use, when it comes to USB connections, and may have dedicated ports for iPhones and Android smartphones.
  • Make sure to turn off the DVD player before turning off the car. Some in-dash DVD players will draw enough power so, if left on, they may drain the car’s battery when left parked for a few days.
  • In terms of maintenance, in-dash DVD players don’t need much if they’ve been installed properly. You can give it a periodic wipe with a microfiber cloth to get dust and stains from fingerprints off of the touchscreen.


Q: How do I install an in-dash DVD player?

A: It’s best to let a professional handle the installation if you have little experience with this kind of project. Since there is room for error and damage, an experienced professional will know how to get the job done correctly.

Q: How do I get the best GPS signal?

A: If you have a unit with a built-in GPS, you’ll want to place the GPS antenna in a spot where it has a clear view of the sky. We recommend the dash of your car, as this is generally where an antenna has the best view.

Q: Can I fit a double-DIN in-dash DVD player in a small car?

A: It depends on your car. Some smaller cars have a double DIN in the dash, even if there is a single stereo or radio. Look for a blank plate above or below the radio. If one is present, you may have enough room for a double-DIN player.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best in-dash DVD player is the JVC 6.8" Double DIN Bluetooth in-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM/Digital Media Car Stereo

If you’re looking for a pick that’s budget-friendly, check out the Pioneer Double Din Bluetooth in-Dash DVD/CD/Am/FM Car Stereo Receiver. It has a lot of the same great features as a more expensive model at a wallet-friendly price.

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