Inside The Shop That Builds The 4.0-Liter Engines For Singer

Ed Pink Racing Engines builds what is probably the best air-cooled Porsche engines, here’s how they’re made

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Singer Vehicle Design 'reimagines' Porsche's 964-generation 911 into a true gem of a car, taking the whole thing apart and rebuilding it into essentially a brand new car. The core unit of most of those Singer Porsches is this phenomenal four-liter air-cooled engine built by Ed Pink Racing Engines. They take old used Porsche engines and rebuild them into a high-rev high-power engine that is worthy of fitment into the back of a Singer. 

Each engine is brought in, disassembled, hot tanked, machined, and fitted with a completely new rotating assembly, set of cylinder heads, and valvetrain components. In the video below you can see the attention that is paid to even the most minor details. Measurements are important, and every component is checked and rechecked before the engine is tested on the dynamometer. It is a long slow process, but one that absolutely needs to be completed, as each engine is expected to be perfect. When a customer pays the price that Singer demand for one of their cars, they are assured perfection. This attention to detail and a race-winning history is why Singer trusts Ed Pink Racing Engines to build their engines to exacting specifications. 

The video produced by Hagerty is as gorgeous as it is informative. This business is clearly about the people, and the people are about the business as most of them have stayed with the company for decades. Their experience building engines is part of why the shop is as successful as they are. This video is certainly worth five minutes of your time. Ed Pink Racing Engines is worth five minutes of your time. These people are true craftsmen.