What Is Your Porsche Modification Formula?

What bolt-ons would you add to a 997 GT3 to make it your own?

byBradley Brownell|
QOTD photo

The car in Matt Farah's most recent 'One Take' video inspired a question. How do you make an already great Porsche even better? A standard 997.1 GT3 is already a pretty amazing driving experience, but if you were going to add a few goodies to make the experience a little more invigorating, what would you do? A lovely day for a drive, hands on the steering wheel, and a sharp exhaust bark from the flat six behind you, how could it get better? Every time we buy a car, there is a general formula that we like to follow to make everything up to our specification and expectation of excitement. 

This particular GT3 is close to our formula, as it has been modified with a Sharkwerks exhaust bypass for a louder and sharper tone, GT3 Cup toe-links for sharper turn-in, Endless Performance brake pads for more initial bite, and a set of Bridgestone RE-11 tires for more grip. That's a pretty good start and really doesn't need much more to be perfect. 

When we modify our Porsches, the first thing to be swapped out is wheels and tires. The stickiest set of tires you can live with on the widest set of wheels you can fit in the arches, or even beyond as our Boxster is sporting flares to cover the wider wheels and tires. We like Hawk's HPS brake pad for street use, and blank cast iron rotors when possible. Each of our projects has been lowered by about an inch and feature stiffer sway bars than stock. If we're talking about a G-series car, Turbo Tie Rods are a must. And the cherry on top is a Momo steering wheel. Wheels, tires, brakes, springs, sway bars, steering, and a Momo: These are a few of our favorite things. 

If you were to find an unmolested Porsche sitting on your drive tomorrow, what modifications would you need to perform to enjoy the car properly, and in what order would you perform them? Let's discuss.