Porsche’s Camp 4 Winter Driving School Shows You How To Scandinavian Flick

Yes, even you can learn to handle a sports car in the snow!

YouTube / Porsche

I've been to Porsche's Camp4 Canada, and it's an amazing experience. You can learn to do all kinds of things behind the wheel of Porsche's newest sports cars. Learning the ins and outs of weight transfer, brake modulation, steering input, and throttle balance are imperative to properly navigating an icy and snowy winter wonderland. Camp4 is a proper school for any Porsche enthusiast to take, whether they plan to drive their Porsche in the snow or not. For one thing, you can learn impressive talents and skills like the legendary Scandinavian Flick with which to impress your friends. Seriously, if you live somewhere that sees snow often, start booking your school time now, because you won't know how you lived without these driving skills. 

Porsche recently posted this promotional video to show off some of their attendees performing a proper ScanFlick with the greatest of ease. Within minutes of getting behind the wheel at Camp4, you'll have instructors teaching you the fundamentals of holding an icy drift in a 911, initiating the tail to step out with the brakes, and other essential snow moves. If you don't believe me, just check out this quick video below. When you're done, you can check out more information here