If You Don't Want To Wait For The New GT2 RS, Buy This

Insane half-million dollar GMG-built WC-GT2 Cup pops up on eBay for a fraction of the original build cost.

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What began life as a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo was stripped down to its basest parts and was given a complete makeover into one of the wildest builds we've ever seen for sale. This car is effectively a lightweight big-power racing car that is still technically street legal. While no dyno-sheets are shown, the sellers claim the car is capable of over 900 horsepower to the rear wheels when run on race fuel at 24-ish pounds of boost. In a street-able configuration with just 15 pounds of boost, they have seen 671 rear wheel horsepower. All of that is wrapped up in a package that weighs just around 2800 pounds, and you've got a real ripper of a Porsche in this great green beast. 

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The Global Motorsports Group spent two years building this car, and created this video when the car was completed. It's certainly for someone who won't be satisfied with a 'regular' car. 

The new GT2 RS set to drop later this year will feature a track-focussed suspension, a big wing, exposed carbon fiber, and a big-power turbocharged engine. If you want all of that in a chassis that is even lighter and more focused, and you don't want to wait, then you can write a check for the $165,000 asking price of this highly modified 997 Turbo. Many people have dreamed of owning a genre-defining build like this one, and here is your opportunity. 

For a whole lot more photos and information, check out the full listing here on eBay


In case you need more convincing, just take a look at this amazing list of add-ons during the car's initial build - 

Rotisserie One-Off Non-Metallic Verde Ithaca Paint Job- $16,500
Weld in Custom Full Roll Cage A-C Pillar/Full Roof- $4,400
Porsche GT2RS Front Bumper- $3,700
Porsche GT2RS Rear Bumper- $3,200
Porsche GT2RS Sideskirts Painted- $1,490
997.2 Clear Tail Lamps- $880
Lean Rear GlassEuro Cup RS OEM- $900
Carbon Fiber Roof Panel- $1,600
Porsche Carbon Fiber OEM Cup Doors- $4,900
Cup Mirrors for Cup Doors- $900
Carbon Fiber World Challenge Widebody Fender Set- $2,500
Porsche 2010 GT3 Cup Rear Decklid- $5,500
RS Uprights for Cup Wing- $800
Carbon Fiber RSR Style Wing with Endplates- $4,200
Carbon Fiber Front GT2 Spoiler- $1,400
Carbon Fiber Front Hood- $4,300
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser with Tunnels- $4,500
GT3 Cup Flat Underpanels- $1,500
Cup Car Front Fender Liners- 950
GT2RS Carbon Fiber Intercooler Ducts- $3,800
GT2RS Rear Fender Liner Duct Kit- $600
Grille for Duct Inlet on Decklid- $195
Cup Car Centerlock Conversion $6,250
19” GMG Racing R130 Forged Centerlock Wheels- $6,500
265 Front/ 355 Rear Pirelli Trofeo Tires- $2,200
Custom Interior Upholstery in Ultra Alcantara and Verde Accent- $14,500
Sparco Seats Painted NM Verde Ithaca in Connolly Leather and Ultra Alcantara with Deviated Stitching and WC-GT2 Embroidery— $6,500
Dashboard In Alcantara with Deviated Stitching
Center Console/Shifter/Armrest In Ultra Alcantara with WC-GT2 Embroidery
Left/Right B to C Pillars in Ultra Alcantara with Deviated Stitching
Rear Shelf and Rear Panel in Ultra Alcantara with WC-GT2 Embroidery
Lower Dash in Full Ultra Alcantara
Headliner in Ultra Alcantara
Paint Interior NM Verde Ithaca to Match- $1,500
Labor to Install Interior- $27,550
AIM Dash System- $3,500
Carbon Fiber Floor Sheets Left and Right- $1,600
Carbon Fiber Center Console Panel with Switches- $950
6 Point Scroth GT3 Specific Hans Seat Belt Kit- $998
LIFELINE Electric Fire System System with full Coverage Squirters- $3,800
SPARCO Steering Wheel in Full Suede- $399
Quick Disconnect and HUB Adapter for Race Wheel- $599
CUP Style HVAC Box and Control- $2,300
GT2  Drivetrain Conversion with End Plates
Full Corner Balance- $850
MOTEC Full Adjustable Coil Over System with Resevoir- $12,500
GMG World Challenge Sport Sway Bar Kit- $745
GMG GT Dog Bone Kit- $1,050
GMG Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushing Kit- $595
GMG World Challenge Bump Steer Kit Front- $545
GMG World Challenge Bump Steer Kit Rear- $795
GMG WC-GT Race Differential- $2,600
GMG RSR Adjustable Thrust Arm with Anti Dive/Squat- $1,790
GMG World Challenge Stoptech Big Brake Kit Front and Rear- $9,650
BOSCH Motorsports Stand Alone ABS Unit with Sensors- $9,700
Mil Spec Custom ABS Harness- $2,500
Integrate ABS into AIM and LINK System- $2,360
4.0L Custom One/One Race Engine
Engine Assembly- $15,000
Billet Crankshaft 1/1- $5,822
Custom Connecting Rod Set- $3,125
Custom Intake Manifold- $4,400
Custom GMG Spec Mahle Pistons- $5,800
RSR GMG High Volume Oil Pump- $4,300
CNC Port Cylinder Heads- $3,200
Rebuilt Cylinder Heads- $3,500
GMG WC-GT Titanium Retainer Set- $1,495
GMG WC-GT High Lift Valve Spring Set- $1,560
Head Sealing System Custom Hardened Seal Rings- $3,200
Machine Cylinder Head for Head Sealing System - $1,300
Machine Case for Oil Squirters- $1,985
Oil Squirter Set- $695
CDI Control- $1,300
CDI Control Leads- $3,200
Custom Equal Length GMG WC-GT Headers- $5,800
GT3 Cup Throttle By Wire- DIRECT- $2,500
Custom Oil/Coolant Lines for Turbo System- $800
World Challenge GMG WC-GT Sport Exhaust- $5,200
GMG WC-GT High Capacity Intercoolers- $5,500
Hard Plumbing for Boost PSI Charge Pipe- $2,500
RSR Heat Exchanger for Coolant- $1,300
Custom Boost Hoses- $750
Twin Plate Kevlar Clutch and Flywheel- $3,800
MASE Engineering Street Tune- Wastegate Only- $4,900
GMG Billet Sport Camshaft Set- $14,900
Machine Cam Decks for Clearance- $1,200
CDI Ignition Control with High Output CDI Coils- $4,000
ECU Driver for Stand Alone LINK EVU System- $1,200
Beacon Timing System- $850
Custom Length Intake Valves- $1,000
Custom Length Exhaust Valves- $1,500
Mil Spec Custom Engine Harness with RayChem- $8,100
Tial Dual Ball Bearing Turbo System- $7,000
Mil Spec Custom Chassis Harness- $14,800
PDM Module and Connectors- $2,100
Mil Spec Sub Harness- $2,200
100L GT3 Cup Car Fuel Tank with Return Less System- $1,800