This Wild Porsche 911 GT3’s Secret Is a Subaru WRX Engine In the Back

The GT3 remains boxer-powered, but with an altogether different character courtesy of Subaru.

byLewin Day|
Aftermarket photo

Japanese oil giant ENEOS is bringing something special to SEMA this year: a Porsche 911 GT3 with a Subaru engine swap.

The vehicle in question is a 2007 model of the 997.1 generation. The car came to ENEOS as a rolling shell, having been crashed and then stripped out by the previous owner. The battered GT3 was then handed over to Faruk Kugay of DevSpeed motorsports, who has built engine-swapped show cars for ENEOS in previous years.

Kugay selected an EJ25 engine from the 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI for the swap. The idea was to keep the GT3 boxer-powered, which would best fit its rear-engine layout. The EJ25 also suited the aim of building a all-out track car. It weighs in a full 170 lb lighter than the GT3's original flat-six. Plus, it can be tuned to exceed the original GT3's 415 horsepower as stock.

In pursuit of power goals, the STI engine was treated to a BorgWarner EFR 7064-C turbo. Supporting mods included a Vibrant vertical flow intercooler, Deatschwerks injectors and fuel pumps, and a Nuke Performance fuel cell to supply the go juice. The power goal is 550 hp, the rated max of the BorgWarner turbo.

All that power will be sent to the rear, via the STI's six-speed transmission. It's been kitted out with a reverse-cut ring gear and special bellhousing from Subarugears to suit the rear-engine layout of the Porsche.

With an eye to future competition, the car scored GT3R racecar bodywork, courtesy of VAD Design in the UK. The widened fenders are perfect for fitting huge 19-inch Rotiform 917 wheels, 10 inches wide up front, and 13 inches in the rear. The GT3 wears Toyo Proxes R888R tires, which are among the stickiest DOT-approved rubber available. Changing them should be a cinch, too, thanks to Nuke Performance air jacks installed under the car.

BC Racing coilovers are present to suit the car's new lower stance and keep the tires glued to the track. Helping them work to the fullest is a full rollcage from CageKits, which adds significant stiffness to the chassis.

The livery chosen pays tribute to the car's diverse roots. It draws the long flowing lines from the classic Salzburg Porsche 917 race car. As for the color scheme, though, that's pure Subaru, taken from the company's World Rally Championship cars.

It's a mighty build, but not the only one ENEOS will bring to SEMA. The company's stand will also feature a Nissan race truck, a widebody Datsun, and even a Tesla Pikes Peak race car. It's a great showing from ENEOS which is sure to turn some heads at the industry showcase in November.

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