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This Wild Custom-Body Honda S2000 Has a McLaren Exhaust and Ferrari Diffuser

It's like an exotic car Frankenstein.
image credit: @joshua_opheim on Instagram, edited by Andrew Collins

Where some people see a wrecked car as trash, others may see it as treasure. In the case of car builder Joshua Opheim, he saw a wrecked Honda S2000 as the latter and an opportunity to make something interesting. Since it was smashed both front and rear, Opheim started cutting into it and replacing its body parts with those from a Ferrari, Audi, and even a McLaren. So it’s like an exotic Frankenstein.

It looks nothing like an S2000 anymore. Instead, it looks like something Bruce Wayne would drive in a Batman cartoon. The back end is where the most work was done, as it has the taillights from an Audi e-tron, the rear diffuser from a Ferrari F430, and the upward-facing exhausts of a McLaren (Opheim doesn’t say which McLaren). It sounds good, though, regardless of where the exhaust tips came from. Since it has a fixed roof, it’s also no longer a convertible.

Joshua Opheim | Instagram

Up front, it has custom vertical LED light strips for headlights and a Honda S2000 CR front lip. It doesn’t have doors and has a roll cage, so climbing in and out isn’t the easiest but it also doesn’t look too bad. If you’re wondering about its lack of side mirrors, it has cameras with screens on either side of the steering wheel.

It’s unclear what sort of work was done to the engine or what sort of power it makes but it’s certainly capable of drifting around in clouds of tire smoke. Since it’s still an S2000 under the skin, it should be a blast to drive, as long as none of its modifications ruined the stock car’s natural balance and fun.

Joshua Opheim | Instagram

This is definitely one of the most unique Honda S2000 builds I’ve ever seen. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, as it doesn’t look anything like an S2000, but as an exercise in creativity, it’s a pretty interesting build.

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