This Wheel Collector Perfectly Articulates Why We’re All Obsessed With Cars

The BMW M3 of the ’90s, the E36, has ripened wonderfully from “old car” to “classic.” The simple, square body and four-eye, two-nostril face is quintessential Bavarian beauty. Driving a nice example today is a treat. But with the right modifications, these cars become epic. Alex Stearling’s Techno Violet coupe is an absolutely dialed E36 M3 with a stellar soundtrack. If you ever need to articulate why you’re a car enthusiast to somebody who doesn’t get it, send them this video.

I feel like I say this almost every week, but this is my favorite CARISMA episode so far. The car is cool, but it’s Stearling’s perspective that really resonates and sticks with me. He clearly appreciates the confluence of art and science that automobiles represent, and his journey from Hot Wheels-kid to specific-mod appreciator is somewhat parallel to mine. I, too am obsessed with wheels and spend hours agonizing over things like decal placement and picking parts. It looks like he’s done a better job of staying focused though—his car’s cleaner than anything in my garage, and his wheel collection is far deeper!

I can always get excited about something as insignificant as a door emblem, or taking the time to pair the right wheels with a given car. Stearling makes a compelling case for one of my automotive mantras: there’s no school like old school. And if his commentary doesn’t convince you, the sounds his M3 makes likely will. That exhaust note hits like a bass drop, and the gear changes are more dramatic than two swords coming together on a medieval battlefield.

Heck, I’ve hyped it up so much I need to go back and re-watch again, with my good headphones. I suggest you do the same!

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