That’s All, Folks: Chevy Camaro Production Officially Ends

The Bowtie’s beloved muscle car is going away with no immediate successor in line.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Endings are hard, even when you know they're coming. Such is the case with the Chevy Camaro as the sixth-generation driver's car has exited production. It's unclear what's next for the iconic nameplate, but all signs point to something drastically different from the Camaro we've known for more than half a century.

GM Authority wrote earlier this week that December 14 would be the Camaro's final day, and a General Motors spokesperson allegedly confirmed that to American Cars and Racing. I reached out myself and a GM rep told me the same, providing the following statement:

"Camaro is a passion product. It has developed a fan base across the world and has brought people into Chevrolet dealerships for generations. The sixth generation specifically represented athleticism and composure—exuding confidence on the road and dominance on the track."


There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the Camaro, as you'd expect with a performance model whose history spans nearly 60 years. The thing is, not much of the hype came from GM. Sure, the automotive giant released a few special editions, but the car kinda went out with a whimper instead of a bang. At least we got that ZL1 Garage 56 tribute.

While Chevy has made clear that there's no immediate successor lined up for the sixth-gen, "this is not the end of Camaro’s story." You can bet that whatever is next will be electrified, though it's unclear if the Bowtie brand will make it a hybrid or fully battery-powered. It's people's worst fear that it will be something with four doors, though the Dodge Charger was successfully revived as a sedan in 2006. Maybe GM could do it in a similar way that doesn't depart too far from the Camaro's ethos.

Sales of the Camaro spiked 110% through the second quarter of 2023 as people clamored to get one while they could. The decision was already made to move on from the sixth-gen after nine years, however, so the surge came too late. It's a shame as the Camaro has been consistently praised by critics for its performance and driving feel; customers just preferred the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.

We'll stay tuned in to see what's next for the Camaro, but in the meantime, we'll be reminiscing. Maybe they'll make a modern Catfish design? On second thought, nah. Better not.

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