You Can Lease a V8 Chevy Camaro for $249 a Month

Current leasees of a 2017 or newer Chevrolet can get the 455 horsepower V8 Camaro on a low mileage 24-month lease for a serious deal.

byChris Rosales|
Chevrolet News photo

The pandemic car market was completely unhinged. In a lot of ways, it still is. Finding a deal is nearly impossible in all market segments, with muscle cars like the Camaro being no exception. For current GM leasees of a 2017 or newer car, the performance deal of the year is here for you: a V8 Camaro for just $249 a month.

There are a few tiers to the Camaro deals, with different options and equipment groups for each. The cheapest of the lot is a base-spec V8 with your choice of gearbox for $249 a month. If you want some bells and whistles with the Preferred Equipment Group, bump it up to $279 a month. Finally, a 10-speed automatic with the lowest amount of money due at signing is $299 a month.


Here’s the caveat: all of these are very short-term and very low-mileage deals. For 24 months, you get just 20,000 miles. Also, the cheapest leases require just over $5,000 due at signing. That big money upfront helps keep the monthly down, but that mileage seems to make this deal for a second car rather than a commuter. 

There’s also a round of finance deals for Camaro buyers who want some equity in their machines. Folks can finance a Camaro for 3.49-percent, which isn’t bad with current interest rates. Of course, it comes with the requirement of a “well-qualified buyer” to get the low rate. 

Either way, it seems like the time is now to get a Camaro. It looks like the American muscle car won’t get revived for another generation in its current fossil-fuel-burning guise. Ford just released a new Mustang, cementing that for another long cycle of V8 sport coupes. But the Camaro, and its amazing Alpha platform, aren’t coming back for an encore.

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